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Below are the controls for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC, and Nintendo DS versions of Resident Evil; the interface is the same for all versions of the game.

PlayStation Sega Saturn PC Nintendo DS Control
Up dpad Up dpad  ↑  Up dpad Move character forward
Down dpad Down dpad  ↓  Down dpad Move character backwards
Left dpad Left dpad Left dpad Turn character left
Right dpad Right dpad Right dpad Turn character right
Start button Start button Z or 4 Start button Inventory screen
Start button + Select button CTRL or 6 Select button Options menu
R1 button R button X or 3 R button Aim current weapon
Cross button B button C or 1 B button Action (open doors, shoot, use item, etc.)
Square button C button V or 2 Run
Triangle button A button A button, X button or Y button Cancel (exit menus, exit current files, etc.)
A or 5 Map
L button Aim knife
A button Quick turn
R button + Y button Reload
Rebirth mode
  • Stylus button Tapping the touchscreen with the stylus will cause quick jabs while sliding the stylus across the touchscreen will cause slashes in that direction.