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There are two types of maskers. The first type have pointed hoods with eye slits cut out for sight. They take only one bullet to defeat, and are worth 300 points. The second type have round hoods and wear goggles over their eyes. They require two bullets to defeat, as the first one will only knock them to their knees. They are worth 500 points. Each color of masker has a different level of combat ability.

Type 1 Type 2 Combat ability
RT Type 1 Masker Pink.gif RT Type 2 Masker Yellow.gif These are the most simple maskers. They don't have any special combat expertise, and attack simply by walking up to Albatross and punching. Much later in the game, one or two purple hoods may surprise you with a gun, but this is rare.
RT Type 1 Masker Orange.gif RT Type 2 Masker Blue.gif The next variety of maskers are typically equipped with a gun. Initially, they start out by firing only one bullet at a time at you, but this will increase throughout the game until they fire up to three bullets at a time before taking a break. They only fire while standing up.
RT Type 1 Masker Gray.gif RT Type 2 Masker Green.gif These maskers usually prefer to attack by throwing grenades. They can toss them ahead in an effort to prevent you from reaching them, or they can stand above you and toss them down to the ground. If they are above you, your only choice is to time your passage beneath them so that you don't get hit by the explosion.
RT Type 1 Masker White.gif RT Type 2 Masker Brown.gif This final type of masker is the most skilled and deadliest of all. They are well trained with guns, and they are capable of firing them while standing up, or while squatting. Bullets fired by them while squatting must be jumped to be avoided. Under rare circumstances, they may even toss grenades.


Ninjas are similar to maskers. However, they are masters of illusion and remain disguised until they are ready to be seen, at which point they seem to materialize out of thin air. Each color ninja requires a different number of shots to defeat, but all are worth 700 points when defeated.

Blue Purple
RT Ninja Blue.gif
Blue ninjas only require one hit to defeat. They are the weakest of all ninjas and do not carry a weapon.
RT Ninja Purple.gif
Purple ninjas are only a little stronger than blue ninjas. They still do not carry a weapon, but they take two bullets to defeat.
Yellow White
RT Ninja Yellow.gif
Yellow ninjas are considerably more powerful. They require three bullets to defeat, and they are likely to carry a gun with them.
RT Ninja White.gif
Also armed with a gun, white ninjas are the most powerful of all, requiring four bullets to defeat. Mabu keeps them close by for his protection.

Other enemy types[edit]

Blogas Fire Men
RT Bloga.gif
The Blogas are mutated creatures with yellow skin. They have powerful legs that allow them to lunge at a target. Though they must hit Albatross twice to kill him, they are tough to get away from and it's typically lights out for Albatross if he lets one of them touch him. They are killed with one bullet, although you typically have to squat to hit them, and are worth 300 points.
RT Fire Man.gif
A fire-covered creature that jumps out from the lava in the cavern stages. When hit, it splits into three or four flames which, if they land on a platform, become more Fire Men which rise straight up to the top of the screen. Shoot them early to avoid getting burned. The resulting Fire Men are worth 800 points.
Gelzos Panthers
RT Gelzo.gif
Gelzos are giant mutants that somewhat resemble bats. They fly up to the top of screen, where they pace back and forth until they are ready to dive down and attack intruders. Timing a shot to kill them can be very difficult when you're stuck on the floor below. They are very persistent and refuse to leave until killed, which earns you 800 points.
RT Panther.gif
Panthers are found deep inside caverns where they have been collected and set free to roam around and attack intruders. Some panthers are kept behind cages, but the doors to these cages have been opened. They are quite capable jumpers and will leap up to attack you. They are worth 500 points.


RT Maboo.gif

At first, the apparent savior of mankind, the WCPO has determined that Mabo's true identity is that of an alien lifeform who acts as the supreme leader of Geldra, an organization bent on world domination. He awaits Albatross where Layla is being held captive. Once Albatross is within sight, Mabo will attack Albatross by rushing towards him and knocking him down. His destruction will earn you 2000 points, as well as the game's ending, but it will take a lot of force to knock him down.