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Samurai Sword map Chapter 2.png

You and Saria arrive at a desert. You begin in the bottom of the map to the right.

Talk to Saria ×4
Saria will explain that the Moaning Desert gets its name from the anguished screams of those who died in a war. She suggests that you can reach Soron's temple by crossing the desert. Then you will proceed and arrive at a spring.
Move forward
You will discover the body of a fallen traveler.
Look at the ground
You will find a man sprawled on the ground.
Check the traveler
You notice that he still has a faint pulse.
Check the ground
You will discover a flask that probably belonged to the traveler.
Take the flask
Move back
Use the flask
You will fill it up with water.
Move forward
Saria → Magic → Reray
The traveler will awaken.
Use the flask
You will pour water into the traveler's mouth and he will thank you.
Talk to the traveler ×3
He sought the Samurai Sword, he met a sage by following a trail, but he encountered a golem and a zombie, before he begins to ramble.
Move forward
A zombie will appear.
He gets knocked down, but then stands up again, and this time breaths acid that destroys you ax.
Move to escape
You return to the traveler.
Check the traveler ×2
The traveler has died. There's a sword beside him.
Take the flask
Take the sword
It's chipped and dirty.
Check the traveler
This time, a lens will fall out of his pocket.
Take the lens

At this time, you can venture north to see what there is to see, but it is only endless desert, and you will encounter a zombie if you dare to travel too far north. It's a dead-end that you needn't bother with.

Move West
You discover a rock
Look at the rock ×2
You will notice a notch at the top.
Talk to Saria
She will ask to see the lens.
Give the lens
Saria will insert the lens into the notch.
Look at the lens
The lens will reflect the sunlight
Look at the ground
You notice that the lens reflects the sunlight onto a spot on the ground.
Check the ground
You will discover an opening at the spot where the sunlight hits the ground.
Move down
You arrive in a large chamber with a large statue.
Check the statue ×3
You will notice runes carved into its chest, but you can't make sense of them.
Saria → Check → Statue
"Look upon the Thirst Golem and know catastrophe." Then the statue will start to move.
Look at the Golem
Talk to Saria
She will ask if there's a way to cool him down.
Give the flask
Saria will pour the water on the Golem, but it evaporates.
Check the Golem
You will notice a small crack in his chest.
You strike the Golem and it crumbles.
She will encourage you to continue through the door behind the Golem.
Saria → Move → Forward
What first appears to be a dead-end is actually a trick wall and you suddenly discover a Sage.
Talk to the Sage ×3
He admits to transporting you before your defeat at the hands of Soron. He encourages you to defeat Soron with Saria's help. He mentions there should be a clue about the Samurai Sword in the ruins. Then you will return to the ruins.
Saria → Magic → Kiar
The ruins will light up.
Check the area
You will notice a large amount of junk.
Check the junk
You will discover a scroll.
Take the junk
You must do this first to get the scroll.
Take the scroll
Give the scroll
Saria interprets the scroll to say that the Samurai Sword is the most powerful weapon, but it can only be used to purify darkness. Then the scroll will dissolve, leaving behind a jewel in Saria's hands. The Sage will return and identify the jewel as the Light Drop.
Talk to the Sage
He will ask to see your sword.
Give the sword
He will enable your sword to defeat the undead and gives it back.
Talk to the Sage
He will instruct you to go. You return outside, only to encounter a zombie.
The zombie will get struck down for good.
Look at the area
Saria will suddenly disappear. A voice from underground will speak, and you will demand that Soron wait, but it does no good.
Check the area ×2
You will notice something sparkle, and that something is the Light Drop which Saria dropped.
Take the Jewel
The sage will appear before you and instruct you to visit the city of science, and he hands you a card which he says will get you in.