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Samurai Sword map Chapter 3.png

You arrive at the gate entrance to the city of science, but the guard outside won't let you in. You begin in the bottom of the map to the right.

Do absolutely nothing
No matter what you try (talking, using an item, looking, etc.) the guard standing outside the gate will refuse to admit you into the city. Selecting actions will do you no good, so the only option left is to do nothing. If you wait long enough, eventually the guard's shift will end, and he will leave the gate unattended.
Check the gate ×2
You realize you don't have a key, but you do notice a slit.
Use the card
Inserting the card into the slit will grant you access to the city.
Talk to locals ×2
You will learn that this city possesses great technology, and that Soron has summoned a dragon to attack the city.
Move left
You will find a shop, but the shop keeper isn't interested in dealing with you.
Move forward
You will reach another part of the city.
Talk to locals
You will learn that ruins are located somewhere near the city.
Move back ×2
Move forward
You will find the entrance to a path.
Move to the path
You will be prohibited from entering.
Talk ×2
You will try to announce your presence. A voice will reply that they know of you, but they do not fear Soron in the city of science, and ask you to leave.
Move back
Move right
You reach another part of the city.
Talk to locals
Someone will explain that the city of magic doesn't compare with the city of science.
Move forward
You reach a plaza with a strange pillar in the center.
Talk to the man
He explains that he is a scientist who studies old relics.
Look at the pillar
It resembles a lance.
Move back ×2
When you return to the entrance of the city, a wave of energy flashes, and the dragon appears.
Look at the area
Soldiers try to surround the dragon, but the dragon breathes one blast of flame and wipes them all out.
You know that your sword is pretty useless, but you try anyway. The dragon breathes flames at you, and you dodge them by rolling into the shadow of a building. The floor will give way, and you will fall into an underground chamber. In this chamber, you will notice a large blue giant that appears to be "sleeping."
Move out
You wind up in front of the path. The dragon is gone, but the city is in shambles.
You try to convince them to let you in, and they agree that they may need your help against the dragon. Inside, you find the ministry.
Look at the area
You will notice a strange machine.
Look at the machine
You are surprised to find that it talks, and it explains that it is the city's cybernetic management system (CMS).
Talk to the official ×2
You ask about the giant in the ruins. He will explain that it's an ancient weapon known as the Alpha Arm and that it hasn't been used in 1000 years.
Talk to the CMS ×2
It explains that the Alpha Arm can only be requested when there's a great enough threat.
Talk to the soldier
He suggests that you talk to the scholar in the plaza to learn more about the Alpha Arm.
Move out
From here, you may now travel directly to the plaza.
Move to the plaza
The plaza now serves as a hub for other locations.
Move to the shop
You'll notice that the shop keeper is missing.
Check the shop
You will find junk scattered everywhere.
Check the junk
You will find a helmet.
Check the helmet
You note its curious shape.
Take the helmet
Move back
Use the helmet
The scientist will notice you, and suggest that you might be able to operate the Alpha Arm with that helmet.
Talk to the man
He will explain that the Alpha Arm was such a strong ancient weapon that it was sealed away.
Move to the ruins
Before you can, the dragon will reappear for another attack on the city.
Move to the ruins
Check the floor ×2
You will notice runes on the floor in a pattern which form a seal. One of the tiles is loose.
Use your sword ×2
With some effort, you manage to remove the loose tile, breaking the seal.
Check the giant ×3
You notice that the chest is open, so you climb in and sit down at the control panel.
Check the helmet
You will notice a button, so you try pushing it which causes the Alpha Arm to awaken. You will return to the city, and to the dragon which is attacking.
Fight ×2
You can now attack the dragon, but it doesn't stop him from attacking you. You realize it would be easier if you had a weapon, and then you consider the pillar in the plaza.
Move to escape
You arrive in the plaza.
Take the pillar
The pillar is indeed a lance intended for the Alpha Arm. The dragon will catch up with you to resume its attack.
Fight ×2
The fight from before occurs in a similar fashion.
Look at the lance ×2
Upon looking at it a second time, you hear "ENERGY CHARGE OK."
Use the lance
The lance discharges its energy and obliterates the dragon. The scientist in the plaza surmises that Soron hid the Samurai Sword in his palace, and he instructs you to get it back.