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Blue Creek Apartments[edit]

1. Nothing else to do in this bedroom so head to the bathroom and pick up the memo from the toilet. Get to the next room with a safe on a chair.

2. Still inside that room, there is a Health Drink in the kitchen. Exit the room. Go right until you reach an old white door which leads to the stairs. Enter the door, you see the map of Blue Creek Apartments lying on the floor. Take it, go downstairs and enter another door. The third floor is inaccessible so don't waste your time there.

3. You're now on the first floor. Open your map and head to room 109. (Remember it's location) Keep walking until you see a Mannequin at the end of the hallway. Turn off your flashlight immediately, walk slowly and enter the room. (If the monster is right next to the room, kill it). Note: If there is a "force" preventing you from opening the door, you'll have to get back to Wood Side Apartments and make sure you've complete these tasks: get these coins: Coin (Snake), Coin (Old Man) and meet Eddie in room 101 (Wood Side Apartments). You can go back to check what you've missed here: Back to Wood Side Apartments.

4. In room 109, you'll see 2 doors: a blocked door with a teddy bear next to it, a white door. Enter the door and watch a cutscene, after that, pick up the Coin (Prisoner) on the table and leave room 109 with your flashlight off. Go right, turn on your flashlight, open the map and head to room 105.

5. If you've completed the game once, you'll get the White Chrism in the kitchen. You'll find a locked "drawer" with 5 small slots which have the same size as the size of the coins.

6. After solving the puzzle, the drawer will be unlocked, which reveals the "Lyne house key" inside it. Take the key and head to room 209 on the second floor. There are some Lying Figures and Mannequins roaming the hallway so be careful.

7. Use the Lyne house key to unlock room 209's door. In room 209, there is a door which leads to room 208 through the rooms' balcony. There is a Save Point on the wall and the apartment stairway key on the bed.

8. Get back to room 209.

9. Then exit it, open your map and head to the locked stairway at the end of the hallway. Unlock the door with the apartment stairway key. Note: Switch to the Handgun, reload it before entering.

Boss Fight: Pyramid Head[edit]

There are two ways to defeat this boss:

  1. Pyramid Head "overhead chop attack"
    (For inexperienced players) Run from corners to corners and shoot at Pyramid Head as much as you can (This'll slow him down a lot). When he's close to you, quickly run to another corner of the room. After shooting about 50 bullets at Pyramid Head, he'll retreat. Remember to get out of his way while he's retreating.
  2. (For experienced players) If you want to conserve ammo for later boss fights, you'd better follow this method. Pyramid Head moves pretty fast and swings his Great Knife much faster too. At the first minutes, he usually swings his knife at you (this attack is pretty fast and a little bit hard to dodge) which deals lots of damage or maybe, instant-kill (Use First-Aid Kit if you are hit). Remember, run to another corner immediately before he's about to swing the knife (He can only hit you from a quite short range). Later, he'll switch to the "overhead chop" attack which kills you instantly. However, that attack is quite slow (but it has greater range). When he raises his knife for that attack, run to another corner immediately. Be careful, if you get too close to him, he'll grab you by the neck, attempting to choke you. It usually takes about 4-5 minutes to end the fight without spending a single bullet. Remember to get out of his way while he's retreating... Good luck!

10. Now, head downstairs, keep descending stairs until you reach the streets. Great fight back there! Congratulations!