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One reason to explore the lesser known parts of the galaxy is that you may discover a rare artifact on the surface of some planet. There are a handful of artifacts in the entire galaxy, so they are quite valuable finds. They are placed in your character's personal inventory and will improve your character. Even if you find an artifact you don't necessarily want, you can trade it to someone who does for a nice price. To find artifacts, you should buy the Captain's Stash in a port. It normally takes 5 or 6 of these drinks before the bartender will tell you the location of an artifact. Sometimes the bartender will not tell you the location of an artifact. In that case, move to a different port and buy some drinks there. You can also find Artifacts with a Neutrino Scanner. A scan showing a planet with 100 tons on it most likely has an artifact on it, since Intergalactics' shipwrecks weigh weigh 100 tons. Use the Neutrino Scanner in each system to figure out if there are any artifacts (See section below on scanners). There may be more then one Artifact on a planet.

Here are the artifacts one might find and what they do:

  • Oracle of Wonders - Increases your Wisdom by 2.
  • Intergalactics' Spacesuit - Bestows +2 Dexterity upon the wearer.
  • Beautiful Aura Necklace - This device increases Charisma by 2.
  • Persuasive Pulsator - Helps you haggle better prices from port merchants. (effect is barely noticeable)
  • Cloak of Disguise - This cloak helps in port robbery. (effect is barely noticeable)
  • Intergalactics' Map - Decreases the amount of warp fuel used to warp by 0.5.
  • Shield Emanator - Damage sustained by your ship is reduced by 10%.
  • The Superconductor - Increases ship's energy generation speed by 14 twps.