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Colonies have a morale level, indicating the general mood of their citizens. Are they happy with their lives in this colony, or destitute? Morale generally goes down over time, but can be increased by a low tax rate setting. Government type can influence morale. Large populations tend to reduce morale. The radio receiver structure helps increase morale once built, as does the broadcast receiver and the Artesian well. The charisma attribute of the owner character slightly helps morale as well. In order to reach unity status, a colony needs a morale total of about 800 morale points. At -300 morale points, colony will reach revolt. The following is a list of morale levels from angriest to happiest, with any special affects that apply to that level of morale.

Morale State Points Additional Effects
Revolt -300 Construction stops, no tax revenue, military production is diminished, research is ineffective
Hopeless -150
Broken -75
Downcast -37.5
Steadfast 50
Content 100
Happy 200
Jubilant 300
Unity 800 Construction speed doubled