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Players are allowed to control one and only one character per server. You can view your character's status by pressing Alt-P. All characters exist at all times, even when the player who controls them is not logged in. Characters have three attributes decided when your character is created or remade with tokens:

  • Charisma: Increases the number of colonists you can recruit from ports, makes it easier to haggle with port merchants, and increases morale on your colonies.
  • Wisdom: Decreases the warp fuel used by 0.2 per wisdom when warping.
  • Dexterity: Increases turning speed, energy regeneration rate, and thrust acceleration.

Note: Once set, these three attributes along with your character name become rather permanent and can only be changed with tokens, not credits. Its a good idea to start the game on a temporary server. These games will reset themselves after about 14 days, called a Rebang. This will give you time to understand the effect of the three attributes.


Experience is gained when you: discover and enter a new starport for the first time, complete taxi or escort missions, when negotiating better prices in trades, and most significantly when colony construction is set to experience. Experience is important in rebang games, as medals are awarded to the top 10 finishers based on experience ranking.


Reputation is gained when you: fight or kill players with opposite reputation, complete taxi or escort missions, provide housing to colonists at your colony, or add to the bounties on pirates at the police station. You receive 1 reputation point for every thousand credits that you add to a bounty. Reputation is lost when you: fight or kill players with the same reputation, fail an escort mission, jettison colonists, or get caught when you rob a port. 1/10 of the killed person's reputation is subtracted from yours, so for example:

  • If the killed person's rep is 15400, you lose 1540.
  • If the killed person's rep is -9270, you lose -927 (in other words, you gain 927).