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The game is on a single screen with a view from above . On this screen the player can move horizontally or vertically . By placing a bomb , it will take some time until they explode, allowing you time to escape . The idea of the game is to use the bombs to destroy the barriers and their opponents . If a bomb explodes hitting another bomb then will make the second pump also explode even before your time limit to burst, thus causing a huge chain reaction. If the flame of one of the bombs hit him , it will hurt or kill him . The most stages start with your opponent and barriers that could be removed with your bombs . As you will destroy the barriers , the player will have a broader space thus achieving more likely to dodge a bomb . It is usually very useful to leave some barriers , so it's easier to create traps for his opponents . Special items can be collected throughout the game . These items are available when some barriers are destroyed or when an opponent is defeated . Each of these items can free up a different skill .

Normal Game[edit]

Normal game has six worlds each with its own set of enemies. Each world has eight steps and the last step will be a boss. You must follow the game by destroying your opponents and thereafter shall enter a door that will emerge from one of the destructible walls. 5 The world is quite different from others because the player fights robots bombers making a very different phase of the normal finish-there style. The normal game can be played by one or two players. In two player mode, the goal is to work cooperatively to defeat foes, although it is possible to defeat his companion with his bombs. The game keeps a password system so that the player can save the game in its development. This game is the first in the Black Bomberman joins the White Bomberman. Apparently they were enemies.

Battle Mode[edit]

The battle mode is played from one to four players , but the device only keeps entry to only two players , so you must use a device to make it compatible to four players . The objective of the game is to beat the other players and be the one to stay alive , you can count on luck and your intelligence . If the player manages to stay alive will win the round and manage to get a gold trophy , accumulate the maximum number of trophies , then win the match. Before entering this mode you can set the amount of trophies that players must accumulate , and goes from one to five . Each round have time limit of 2 minutes. After 1 minute , the game displays a warning message and starts distributing the arena indestructible walls , starting from the lower left hand side , but if any of these walls fall upon any player , it will be destroyed instantly . The battle mode can be extremely fast and hectic , thus requiring a large capacity of concentration and quick reflexes.