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Honeyhive Galaxy is accessible from the Terrace observation dome. You need 3 Stars to enter.

This Galaxy is rather different from the Good Egg Galaxy, so much so that when you land you could almost forget you were in space. It consists of fewer, larger, planets, and the gravity is more traditional, for the most part.

This galaxy hosts two new power-ups, the Bee Mushroom and the Rainbow Star. The Bee Mushroom is easy enough to find but the Rainbow Star is hidden in a secret area (in a pipe on top of the place where the boulders come out).

There are many nooks and crannies to find in this galaxy, and from now of this guide won't point them all out to you. Feel free to explore.

Star 1: Bee Mario Takes Flight[edit]

Head along the path to the right and up the hill, past the rolling rocks. Touch the ? Coin in the fountain to make a new object appear below you. Collect this object, which is a Bee Mario suit. While Bee Mario you can fly up into the air by pressing and holding A, but don't get hit or touch water, or you will turn back into regular Mario, and will have to find the Bee Mario suit again.

Fly up near the waterfall, and up again into the large tunnel through the rock. At the far end of the tunnel is a tree stump with a hole in it, which you should enter. Slide down to the bottom, where you will reach a high wall. Fly up and make your way along the ledge. The honey on the ground will slow you down. At the end of the ledge, use the Launch Star to fly to the second planet, one which contains many pink flowers.

Here you need to use the flower stems (by spinning) to fly into the air and land on the pink flowers. Only Bee Mario can stand on the pink flowers, so if you lose the suit you will need to find it again. Fly from flower to flower until you reach the highest one, where a Launch Star will take you to the final planet.

To reach the top of this planet you will need to climb the wall. Luckily Bee Mario can stick to honey on vertical surfaces. Near the top, defeat the Piranha Plant to release a Sproutle, and use that to take you topside.

Meet the Queen Bee! She has a problem, with something tickling her. Fly to a furry part of her body, and collect the five Star Chips. Once all collected, they will make a Launch Star, which you should use to return to the first planet, on top of a tree. Talk to the toads there to find the first Star of this galaxy.

Star 2: Trouble on the Tower[edit]

Head along the path to the right, and Ground Pound the flat circular stones that you see. The second hides a Sproutle, which you should use to reach the left side of the planet. Go past the large tree and Ground Pound the jump pad to reach a Sling Star above. Jump up by the Wiggler, and Ground Pound the red switch to reveal a walkway.

Past the walkway, use another switch to lower the platform. You will need to use Wall Jumps to reach the top. At the top, wall jump between the two vertical surfaces in the water to reach a Launch Star, which will take you to a new pair of small, wooden, mushroom-shaped planets.

Here, defeat or avoid the Piranha Plants and Wigglers, to reach a Sling Star on the bottom of the lower planet. This will take you to another small planet, where you can use the ? Coin to find a Rainbow Mario suit, and use the to kill the Piranha Plants, if you wish. To proceed, dump down the hole in the tree stump to reach a new area on the first planet.

You need to climb the structure, defeating Mandibugs on the way. Ground Pound the red switch to star the windmill moving, and use a platform to reach the top. Ground Pound the two Mandibugs to find the Star.

Star 3: Big Bad Bugaboom[edit]

Head right as usual, where a bee will tell you that the kingdom has been infested with Mandibugs. Work your way up to the fountain, and stand on the small block with a coin on top. The bubble-blowing machine will blast you off to the left-hand side of the planet. Here you can collect a Life Mushroom and a Bee Mario suit if you want, before going through the tunnel. The Queen Bee will reveal a Launch Star.

Use the Launch Star to fly to a platform on the outskirts of a new planet, the main part of which is circular with a large tree in the middle. Grab the Bee Mario suit if you aren't already wearing one, then use the plant stems to help you fly to another platform and then to the main part of the planet.

Boss Fight: Bugaboom[edit]

  • Mortar: Fires mortars into the ground. These blow up after a bit.

At first it is easy as it doesn't attack and is easy enough to pound. However, after you inflict your first hit Bugaboom starts flying and uses Mortar. The second time you pound it Bugaboom occasionally turns to its side as it passes you, making it impossible to hit him. Wait until it comes back to you, and ground pound when Bugaboom is level to claim the star.

The hardest bit is keeping as Bee Mario, as the honey is the easiest way to pound Bugaboom when it's flying. There is a Bee Mushroom on a lily. Just focus and be patient and this fight will be easy.

Star 4 (Cosmic Comet): Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race[edit]

Available when a Prankster Comet is in this Galaxy.

As always, head right from the start. You will immediately meet a mirror of yourself, which you will need to race to the Star.

The course is pretty straightforward and signposted with arrows, and at first you can follow your mirror to see where to go. You will need to be good as Long Jumps and Backward Somersaults to succeed. Watch out for the honey which will slow you down on the final part, especially when trying to jump the gaps.

This level is a lot harder with Luigi, as Cosmic Luigi takes all the shortcuts possible. Instead of heading up the regular path, long jump towards the fountain. From the ledge next to the fountain, long jump and spin to reach the next ledge. Continue normally, as Cosmic Luigi gets stuck in the honey at the very end, allowing you to catch up and win.

Star 5 (Purple Comet): The Honeyhive's Purple Coins[edit]

Available when a Purple Comet is in this Galaxy. You need to collect 100 Purple Coins scattered about the galaxy, with no time limit.

Instead of listing every coin, it is recommend that you explore the environment yourself and try and reach new areas, and interact with everything. For example, try Ground Pounding flat circular stones, look for shadows of coins on the ground, and move the camera to look behind things where possible.

Some of the hardest coins to collect are the ones you reach by going down the pipe near the waterfall, because of the difficulty jumping over the gaps with the honey on the ground. It is probably a good idea to go for those first, so that you don't waste too much time if you fall off the edge.

When you've collected all 100 Purple Coins, collect the Star which will appear near the starting position.

Star 6 (Hidden Luigi): Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom[edit]

This is one of the Hidden Luigi Stars, available after Luigi sends you a letter with a photograph of this galaxy.

Enter Star 1. Start off as described in that Star, touching the ? Coin and collecting the Bee Mario suit. Return to the start, and fly up the slope to the left that without the Bee Mario suit is too steep to climb. Fly up again to the area where the Wiggler would normally be. You will find Luigi close by on the side of a tree. Fire a Star Bit at him to make him fall off, then talk to him to collect the Star.

Did you find?[edit]

  • 1-Up Mushroom to the left of the start, near the sign (except during Stars 4 & 5).
  • 1-Up Mushroom high on a pink flower when Bee Mario.
  • 1-Up Mushroom behind hollow tree trunk in Star 1
  • Star Bits in the form of a letter M in the sky behind you at the start.