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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Overall Items[edit]

  • SMetroidEnergyTankIcon.png Energy Tank: Each Energy Tank increases your maximum energy capacity by 100. Energy can be refilled at your ship, Energy Stations, and enemies may leave refills for 5 points or 20 points.
  • SMetroidReserveTankIcon.png Reserve Tank: Stores leftover energy when picked up at full health. Refills Samus's energy tanks when she is brought down to zero on auto or selected in the Samus Screen on manual. Starts out empty, can't be refilled at normal energy stations.


By defeating enemies, there's a chance that a pick-up will appear to replenish any missing ammo or health. There are two types of health pick-ups: small (5 energy) and large (20 energy). Ammo comes in the form of missiles (2 per pick-up), super missiles (1 per pick-up), and power bombs (1 per pick-up).


  • SMetroidHiJumpBootsIcon.png Hi-Jump Boots: These are acquired in Norfair. They will increase Samus’s jump height to twice as high as previously.
  • SMetroidVariaSuitIcon.png Varia Suit: Obtained after defeating Kraid in Brinstar. The Varia Suit cuts damage to Samus by 50% and allows her to survive superheated rooms.
  • SMetroidGrapplingBeamIcon.png Grapple Beam: Acquired after defeating Crocomire in Norfair. Shoots an electrical beam that lets Samus swing from grapple points. Can also be used as a short-range weapon that kills small critters.
  • SMetroidXRayScopeIcon.png X-Ray Scope: Obtained in Lower Brinstar. Allows Samus to discover hidden passages, items etc. by simply looking around the room.
  • SMetroidGravitySuitIcon.png Gravity Suit: Obtained in the Wrecked Ship. The Gravity Suit allows Samus to move normally through liquids (magma and water). Cuts damage to Samus by 25%.
  • SMetroidSpaceJumpIcon.png Space Jump: Obtained after defeating Draygon in Maridia. Allows Samus to continually somersault in midair. Alters Spin appearance.
  • SMetroidScrewAttackIcon.png Screw Attack: Obtained after defeating the Golden Torizo in Lower Norfair. Allows Samus to do an invincible spin attack upon somersaulting. Can break bomb blocks.


  • SMetroidMissileTankIcon.png Missiles: Missiles are stronger than the power beam and can open red doors by 5 shots. Each missile tank adds extra 5 missiles. max: 230
  • SMetroidSuperMissileTankIcon.png Super Missile: They are 5 times stronger than normal missiles. They move very fast and cause a tremor that brings down enemies that are attached to walls or ceilings. Opens green doors with one blast. opens green-button shutters. each super missile tank gives 5 extra. max: 50

Beam Related[edit]

  • SMetroidChargeBeamIcon.png Charge Beam: This weapon allows you to charge your regular beam to release a stronger energy blast. A charged shot will damage bosses, which normal shots won’t, and requires no energy or ammunition. Can be used in combination with the morph ball for a five-bomb drop. Jump while charging for the pseudo Screw-attack, which deals damage just like the screw attack but only one use and lower damage. Obtained in Upper Brinstar.
  • SMetroidSpazerIcon.png Spazer: The Spazer splits the regular beam into three blasts, and it greatly increases both the power and accuracy of your beams. Cannot be combined with the plasma beam. Good strength. Obtained in Lower Brinstar.
  • SMetroidWaveBeamIcon.png Wave Beam: Causes shots to fire in a wave-like motion and pass through walls. Using this in combination with other beams will give them this ability as well. High strength. Obtained in Upper Norfair.
  • SMetroidIceBeamIcon.png Ice Beam: Causes shots to freeze enemies, sometimes charged shots must be used to freeze them; turns the beam color to blue. Using in combination with other beams will continue adding a freezing effect to your attacks. can stand on frozen enemies. Good Strength. Obtained in Upper Norfair.
  • SMetroidPlasmaBeamIcon.png Plasma Beam: The most destructive of all beams. Can damage multiple enemies in a single blast. using this with other beams adds a enemy-piercing function to them. Changes beam appearance to a green streak. Cannot be used in combination with the Spazer. Obtained in Maridia.
  • Hyper Beam: Acquired during the Mother Brain fight, at the expense of the cutscenes that disabled all of your weapons in the process, including the charge beam (though holding the button continuously fires). It is far more powerful than the plasma beam and is required to defeat the Mother Brain. All enemies that appear afterwards will be destroyed in 1 hit.

Morph Ball Related[edit]

  • Super Metroid Items Morph Ball.png Morph Ball: After acquiring this, Samus will be able to morph into a ball to traverse narrow passages.
  • SMetroidBombsIcon.pngMorph Ball Bomb: These are guarded by a Torizo statue. Once acquired, you can plant up to three bombs at a time. The explosion can also bounce the morph ball a short distance into the air.
  • SMetroidPowerBombIcon.png Power Bomb: Power Bombs damage everything on screen, including things somewhat offscreen. Yellow doors can only be opened with a Power Bomb. They can also be used to affect the environment in some areas.
  • SMetroidSpringBallIcon.png Spring Ball: Allows Samus to jump while in Morph Ball form.