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The most common door within Super Metroid are ones in which you must attack before it opens. There are some though, which open when close to, such as those in the Space Colony Ceres. They are not special, but are only available there.

  • Blue Doors: Blue doors are the most common doors, they take one shot to unlock (open). Flashing doors (gray/blue) are the same as blue doors except that they indicate that they have just been unlocked (from gray to blue).
  • Pink Doors: Pink doors require five missiles or a super missile to unlock, it then becomes a blue door permanently.
  • Green Doors: Green doors require one super missile to unlock, it then becomes a blue door permanently.
  • Yellow Doors: Yellow doors require one power bomb to unlock, it then becomes a blue door permanently.
  • Gray Doors: Gray doors are locked doors. Some can only be unlocked by doing something in the game, such as killing all the enemies in the area or defeating a boss. Others are one-way; they are temporarily unlocked when approaching from the correct side, and will lock again after leaving the area.

Breakable Blocks[edit]

  • Cracked Blocks: Simply shoot them to break them. They may be disguised as normal tiles!
  • Morph Ball Bomb Blocks: Can only be broken by Morph Ball bombs. Usually appear to be normal blocks.
  • Super Missile Block: Can only be destroyed by a Super Missile. Very rare.
  • Power Bomb Blocks: Can ONLY be destroyed by a Power Bomb.
  • Falling Blocks: Can only be destroyed when standing above. Some of them have a delay time before broken. Mostly used in one-way passages.


  • Blue Scaffolds: Shoot the receiver to open it.
  • Green Scaffolds: You must use a Super Missile to operate the receiver. There is a small glitch in the game's programming, allowing it to be opened from the other side if done exactly right.
  • Hidden Scaffolds: Sometimes, there are scaffolds hidden in the ground, only revealing themselves when bombed or after a certain amount of time.

Navigational Aides[edit]

  • Moving Platforms: These, usually found in Norfair, will move up and down, or fall when stood on.
  • Grapple Beam Blocks: These blocks can be latched onto by the Grapple Beam. Blocks like these with cracks will crumble after a set amount of time after being grappled. These will reset either after a short wait, or after leaving the room.