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Spiders hop around on the floor. They leap in whichever direction Mikey is standing. Snakes slither across the floor to the left and right, but they never fall off the edge. Crows will appear from the side of the screen, and fly up and down before locking on to Mikey and attempt to hit him. They travel from one side of the screen to the other, horizontally, following a sine wave-like motion. The height that they choose to lock onto appears to be random, but it occurs when they are a certain distance away from Mikey. Their hit box is large, so they can hurt Mikey when they are a whole tile above or below him.
The sting of a Scorpion is dangerous, especially these Scorpions who can fire their stingers like a dart. Bats fly all about until they get a lock on Mikey with their sonar, and make one last attempt to hit him.
Polar Bear
Penguins are only at home in cold climates. They waddle back and forth on ice. Walruses slide across the surface of the ice, pushing off whenever they slow down. These Polar Bears don't mess around, they're walking on two legs. All the better to take a bite out of you.


Jake Fratelli
Cousin Pipsqueak
Jake is on the lookout for Mikey and he's toting a gun that he isn't afraid to use. Two hits will knock him down. A shorter cousin of the Fratelli family is helping out, patrolling the less desirable portions of the house. He disappears after one hit, but will soon come after you again.
Francis Fratelli
Ma Fratelli
Francis is out and about, particularly along the old suspension bridge, just itching to use his three-arrow bow. He moves more slowly than Jake and takes two hits to go down. Don't count Ma Fratelli out. She is out and about roaming around in the attic above where you begin the game. She throws bombs at Mikey and can climb ladders, but she is the slowest-moving member of the family. It takes four hits to put her down.

People & Creatures[edit]

Eskimos roam the icy regions of the hideout, fiercely protecting their domain. They toss axes at any intruders. These mysterious floating skulls are only found around the suspension bridge. They hunger for boomerangs. Dragons such as these prefer extremely hot environments, and are capable of generating their own special brand of heat with the fire they breathe.
Winged Skeleton
Sword Skeleton
This is no ordinary skeleton; whatever it was before death, it had wings. It hops around, and can take a lot of hits before going down. It will be a while before you find skeletons that can dash back and forth under the power of their own legs. If ordinary skeletons weren't enough, you will also encounter skeletons who are skilled in the are of the sword. They pack quite a punch.
Knights are a force to be reckoned with. With their armored defense, and their powerful sword arm, you may wish to avoid them entirely. Lancers are even tougher than Knights. They will dash forward when they see Mikey, attempting to slice him in half. Golems are slow and less dangerous, but they are incredibly strong, and take a multitude of hits to eliminate. Use your Molotov Cocktails.
Ghosts only appear in one small section of the house. They appear to spawn from four different locations, but eventually collapse into one place.


Crabs like to be underwater, but they are still bound to land. They scuttle left and right wherever they appear. The Octopus will bob around in the water, floating slowly down before compressing the water beneath them to rise back up. Sharks are the most dangerous menace of the sea. They do a lot of damage, take three harpoon hits to kill, and can hit you twice, coming and going.
The dangerous tooth filled Piranha fish swims up and down looking to take a bite out of you for its next meail. Jellyfish bob up and down in a stationary location. They can't be killed and their sting hurts quite a bit, so be careful. Lobsters have kind of an awkward fashion of moving, which makes avoiding them a little difficult. They can be shot by harpoon with relatively little difficulty.