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The Hideout[edit]

Goonies II Map.png

Throughout the game of Goonies II, you will be guiding Mikey throughout the entire construction of the Fratelli's hideout. This does not just include the house and restaurant that serves as a front for the nefarious deeds, but also deep subterranean caverns, and large bodies of water that must all be explored to fulfill Mikey's mission of rescuing all the Goonies and Annie the Mermaid. You begin a new game at the location labeled with "!".

To that end, Mikey is free to explore any portion of the hideout which he has the capability to reach. Items which will extend his ability to search the hideout include the Hammer, Glasses, the Diving Suit, and the Ladder. Without all four of these items, he will not be able to explore every inch of the hideout, but he will still be able to explore a great deal. Therefore, the order of Goonies rescued in this walkthrough is not the only order in which they can be accomplished. This walkthrough strives to illustrate the most efficient order in terms of time spent traveling around the hideout.

The hideout itself is not only broken into distinct areas, but also layers. There is a front layer and a back layer. In order to travel between them, Mikey must discover several warp zones which allow him to pass back and forth between the layers. The map to the right shows the location of each warp zone, and what they connect. Every warp zone with the single exception of the one labeled "P" connect the front and back layers. The warp zones are listed in the order that they are encountered when following along with the walkthrough. Likewise, the locations of the Goonies are labeled in blue, once again in the order that they are found according to this walkthrough.

Exploring chambers[edit]

Throughout the game, Mikey will have to duck inside of doors to explore the chambers they contain. When investigating chambers, Mikey must use all of the tools at his disposal to find useful items and new pathways. Chambers may need to be revisited once you obtain a new item and ability. Here is an exhaustive list of ways to interact within a room to discover it's secrets:

  • Hit the back wall with your fist (even if the wall contains a door)
  • Use your Glasses.
  • Hit the back wall with your Hammer (only if the wall does not contain a door)
  • Hit the ceiling with your Hammer.
  • Hit the floor with your Hammer.

If a hole is revealed in the ceiling or the floor, the Ladder is required to explore the other side of the hole. If a hole in the floor is filled with water, you must possess the Diving Suit in order to jump in and swim around.