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Goonies II Yo-yo.png Yo-yo: The yo-yo is Mikey's standard weapon. He starts the game with it and can never lose it. It has limited range. Goonies II Slingshot.png Slingshot: The slingshot is occasionally dropped by defeated enemies. Collect it to obtain 40 stones worth of ammunition. Once the stones are depleted, you can't fire it again until you collect more.
Goonies II Boomerang.png Boomerang: The boomerang is an incredibly useful weapon that extends the range of Mikey's attack. It will attack going out and on its way back. The boomerang is stashed away in a remote location, and it can be stolen away by a particular enemy. Goonies II Harpoon.png Harpoon: The harpoon is standard issue when Mikey puts on the scuba gear. You can only use this in the water.


Goonies II Bomb.png Bomb: Bombs are dropped at Mikey's feet, and explode after a few short seconds. They are somewhat useful for attacking enemies, but they are excellent for exposing a few hidden entrances that aren't immediately visible to the eye. This automatically becomes Mikey's auxiliary weapon whenever he is underwater. Goonies II Molotov Cocktail.png Molotov Cocktail: Compared to bombs, the Molotov cocktail is a far better choice when it comes to attacking enemies. Mikey will lob each one a short distance ahead of him, and it will crash onto the ground with a burst of flame.


Shoes Hyper Shoes Spring Shoes
Goonies II Shoes.png Goonies II Shoes Speed.png Goonies II Shoes Jump.png
Mikey begins the game with the ordinary gray shoes. With these shoes, he runs at normal speed and jumps at normal height. If Mikey finds the secret location of the red Hyper Shoes, he can put them on and run and climb at twice the normal speed. Although his jump height will remain the same, he can launch himself much farther. A special creature will provide Mikey with the Spring Shoes. The blue shoes don't make Mikey run any faster, but they do allow him to jump significantly higher, enabling him to take pathways that were previous out of reach.


Goonies II Key.png Key: Keys are needed to open safes and rescue Goonies. For every keyring that you find, you can hold two more keys at maximum. Extra keys will randomly drop from defeated enemies. Goonies II Glasses.png Glasses: Glasses can be used to enable you to see things that you might otherwise not have noticed. It's always a good idea to put them on at least once whenever you visit a room.
Goonies II Hammer.png Hammer: The Hammer is a useful tool that can be used to test the strength of certain walls, floors, or ceilings. You might find a hidden entrance if you search thoroughly. Goonies II Scuba Gear.png Scuba Gear: Without scuba gear, you will not be able to enter the underwater depths that lie beneath the hideout. You will need to find this in order to complete the game. It comes with a harpoon.
Goonies II Candle.png Candle: The interiors of some rooms and caves are pitch black unless you have a candle to light up the darkness. Without it, it might be tough to see where you're going. Goonies II Helmet.png Helmet: The helmet is a very practical item to have. It protects Mikey's head from objects that might fall from the ceiling, such as icicles, that would otherwise hurt him.
Goonies II Transceiver.png Transceiver: With the transceiver, you can pick up the sounds of nearby Goonies over the radio waves. Listen in to receive clues to their whereabouts, or the location of other important items. Goonies II Raincoat.png Raincoat: There's a lot of ice cold and boiling hot water that flows throughout the hideout. When Mikey wears this Raincoat, he will stay bone dry and safe from the harm that water inflicts.
Goonies II Ladder.png Ladder: While it might not be easy for Mikey to carry a ladder around with him wherever he goes, he will be glad he did when he finds holes in floors and ceilings for him to explore. Goonies II Bullet Proof Vest.png Bullet Proof Vest: The bullet proof vest will dramatically cut down on the amount of damage that Mikey takes from attacks. It won't make him invincible, but it will help him to last a lot longer on his quest.