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Worldly Reader
Worldly Reader
Read every issue of the Liberl News.
What Happens Next?
What Happens Next?
Purchase and read all chapters of Carnelia.
Name Description Location
Bracer Notebook A notebook given to all bracers for investigative purposes. Keeping detailed records is an important part of the job.
Recipe Book A book used to record the recipes of eaten food. Food can also be made from recipes if you have the right ingredients.
Monster Guide A notebook used to record information gathered from enemy encounters.
Liberl Kingdom Map A map of the Liberl Kingdom. It can be used to confirm one's current whereabouts.
Liberl News - Issue 1
Liberl News - Issue 2 S.C. 1202 [The Airliner 'Linde' has Vanished!] Accident? Incident? Details Inside!
Liberl News - Issue 3 S.C. 1202 [Update! Disappearance of the Linde] Ransom Note from Capua Family a.k.a. the Sky Bandits!
Liberl News - Issue 4 S.C. 1202 [Sky Bandits Arrested! Missing Linde Case Solved!] A First-Hand Account of the Foray! Ruan: O'Neil Duty-Free Shop
Liberl News - Issue 5 S.C. 1202 [Exclusive Interview with Colonel Richard] The Royal Army's Rising Star! Personal Details Revealed!
Liberl News - Issue 6 S.C. 1202 [Ruan City Mayor Arrested on Suspicion of Arson!] Rampage of Incumbent Mayor! Motive Brought to Light!
Liberl News - Issue 7
Liberl News - Issue 8 S.C. 1202 [City Shaken Over Possible Sedition Conspiracy!] Sudden Mistrust Falls on Elite Group! Grancel: Edel Market - Sundries Corner
Liberl News - Issue 9 S.C. 1202 [Victors Decided in Martial Arts Competition!] The Fight is Over! - Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team!
Carnelia - Chapter 1 [The Imperial Chronicle] Part 1 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.
Carnelia - Chapter 2 [The Train Station] Part 2 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.
Carnelia - Chapter 3
Carnelia - Chapter 4
Carnelia - Chapter 5 [Emissary of the Sabbath] Part 5 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.
Carnelia - Chapter 6 [Ascertaining the Inner Workings] Part 6 of a fictional novel published in Liberl.
Carnelia - Chapter 7
Carnelia - Chapter 8
Carnelia - Chapter 9
Carnelia - Chapter 10
Hundred Days War A book about the hidden truth behind the Hundred Days War campaign.