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Orbments are devices that allows one to cast arts. They have six slots where quartz can be inserted and the slots are arranged in a configuration of lines from the center. Some slots need to be initially opened before a quartz can be inserted and some may only take a quartz of a specific elemental type. Each quartz has an elemental value and the total value in a line determines which arts can be cast. Each character has their own unique orbment.


Name Type Range
Stone Hammer Earth Single
Earth Lance Earth Single
Petrify Breath Earth Single
Stone Impact Earth Area (M)
Titanic Roar Earth All
Aqua Bleed Water Single
Blue Impact Water Single
Diamond Dust Water Area (S)
Fire Bolt Fire Single
Flare Arrow Fire Single
Napalm Breath Fire Single
Fire Bolt EX Fire Area (M)
Spiral Flare Fire Area (M)
Volcanic Rave Fire Area (M)
Air Strike Wind Single
Aerial Wind Area (M)
Aero Storm Wind Area (L)
Lightning Wind Line
Plasma Wave Wind Line
Soul Blur Time Single
Shadow Spear Time Single
Hell Gate Time Area (S)
White Gehenna Time Area (M)
Clock Up Time Single
Clock Up EX Time Single
Anti-Sept Time Single
Anti-Sept All Time Area (M)
Chaos Brand Mirage Single
Earth Guard Earth Single
Earth Wall Earth Area (S)
Sylphen Guard Wind Single
Sylphen Wing Wind Single
Crest Earth Single
Forte Fire Single
Saint Mirage Single
Tear Water Single
Teara Water Single
Tearal Water Single
La Tear Water Area (S)
La Teara Water Area (M)
Curia Water Single
La Curia Water Area (L)
Thelas Water Single