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Controlling Link on land[edit]

Link will always remain near the center of the Touch Screen. To make Link run around the world, press the Stylus button on the screen in the direction that you would like Link to move. For example, to make Link move right, hold the Stylus button to the right of Link. If you hold the Stylus button close to Link, he will walk, and if you hold the Stylus button further away, he will run.


To make Link perform somersaults on the ground, keep the Stylus button on the outer edge of the screen, and draw little circles. Every time that you do, Link will roll across the floor. Too many somersaults in quick succession will leave Link dizzy.

Talking to people[edit]

To talk to someone, tap a person when they are visible on the Touch Screen. Link will automatically walk up to them and start a conversation. Tap the screen to advance the dialog.

Reading signs[edit]

Reading signs is similar to talking to people. Tap the sign when you are standing in front of it to read its message.

Lifting objects[edit]

To lift an object off the ground, tap the object. This will will cause Link to lift the object in the air, if he can. Then simply tap the screen in some location around Link to make Link throw the object in that direction.

Using Link's sword[edit]

Shortly after you begin the game, you will need to acquire a sword to progress safely through the monster infested lands. The old man who grants you the sword will teach you how to use it, and test your ability to ensure that you can defend yourself. He will teach you three methods of attack.

Target attacks[edit]

To use the target attack, simply tap on the monster (or object) you would like to attack. Link will lunge forward to strike the object. It is possible that the object is out of Link's range, in which case he will continue to advance in order to reach the target.

Slash attack[edit]

When Link cannot pinpoint the location of an enemy, perhaps because it moves too quickly, Link must rely on the slash attack. To make Link swing his sword, draw a straight line in front of Link, perpendicular to an imaginary line going from Link to the target. Link will swing his sword in that target's direction.

Stab attack[edit]

Drawing a straight line from Link to the target will cause link to thrust his sword at the target.

Spin attack[edit]

The last attack that Link can rely upon is his famous Spin Attack. In order to perform it, simply draw a circle all the way around Link. Link will swing his blade in a full circle, attacking any threat that is immediately surrounding him. Several spin attacks in a row will leave Link dizzied.

Super spin attack[edit]

Later in the game Link will earn the Super Spin Attack. If Link performs three spin attacks in rapid succession, his third will last longer, be stronger, and Link will be able to move during it. Link will be momentarily dizzied by the attack.