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Entering the Temple[edit]

As you enter the temple, Ciela notes that there's fire everywhere, which is generally a bad thing to touch. Make your way north into an open room. The west exit is blocked by fire and the north door is locked. So head east while watching out for the spinning fire wall. Link can jump small gaps, so when you get to the locked door flanked by two small gaps, have Link run towards the gap and he will jump it automatically.

There is a plaque on the wall after the second gap. Look at it, as it reveals the only safe path through the north-east room on this floor. Mark this path on the map, then head south and kill the four Keese that ambush you. Open the chest to get a small key, which you should use on the locked door that you passed earlier. Now you're in the room shown on the plaque, so follow the path lest you fall through a trapdoor. Open the chest along the way for a red Rupee. The path leads you to an area with four crystal switches. Hitting each individually doesn't work, so stand in the middle of the crystals and unleash a spin attack to unlock the north door in the room with the spinning fire wall. Head back to that room and head up the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor[edit]

Here you encounter an old Zelda standby - colored blocks. If you get close to the red blocks, you'll see a red switch in the corner. Hitting the red switch will lower the red blocks, but also raise the blue blocks. Circle around and hit the switch, avoiding the yellow ChuChu. Circle around again, this time going right and over the lowered red blocks. Continue along the path. If you feel like it, you can use the pot to kill the yellow ChuChu that pops up.

Enter the next room, and you will face four Slimes, the minibosses of the dungeon. These pesky creatures will pounce at you when you attack them, and split into two smaller Slimes after you strike them. However, they don't pose much of a threat. Once you eliminate all the Slimes, a treasure chest will appear. Open it to get your first dungeon item, the Boomerang.

The boomerang is a nifty tool, especially in this game. To equip it, either tap the item icon or hold one of the shoulder triggers. Then draw any path you like and the boomerang will follow it unerringly unless it hits a wall. The boomerang can also be used to stun those pesky yellow ChuChus, allowing you to kill them with your sword.

Now, head to the right side of the room and use your new toy to hit the switch, which kills the flame wall blocking the path to the left. Continue along the path until you come to an open area. Avoiding the fireballs that the torches spit out, use the boomerang to hit both switches at once and head down the stairs.

Back to the first floor[edit]

Kill the yellow ChuChu and hit the hint statue. In each dungeon, some of these hint statues will reveal the locations of the remaining chests on a floor for a price, and this statue is one of them. If you've followed this guide, there will be no chests left on this level and the statue will inform you of that.

There's a switch beyond the red blocks, but you can't just hit it with your sword, or else you'll be trapped behind the red blocks when they rise. Instead, stand just outside (or even on) the blocks and hit the switch with your boomerang. Head south past the blue blocks to a room with a switch out of reach behind a wall. Curve your boomerang's path around the wall and hit the switch, lowering the flames to your right. Continue south.

The door closes behind you, and two Fire Bubbles spawn. The key to defeating these creatures is hitting them with the boomerang to extinguish the flames, then hitting the skull with your sword to kill it. This might be a bit tricky, as the Bubbles move around a lot. Once they're defeated, head up the stairs.

Second floor part 2[edit]

Here, along with a spinning fire wall, you encounter a Fire Keese. The boomerang is recommended, as they will burn you if you try the sword. Head south, killing another Fire Keese, and pull the lever. Go back north and jump across the gaps to the right, being careful to avoid hitting the fire walls. Killing the final Fire Keese nets you a chest with a red Rupee. Head south and pull the other lever, unlocking a door near the stairs. Head back to that door.

Here you face a rat with a key. The boomerang is needed here. Stand just beyond the door to avoid scaring the rat, and scribble a path for the boomerang that goes back and forth across the rat's path. With decent timing, this will kill the rat and net you the key. Grab it and go back to where the second lever was and go right. Hit the switch with your boomerang and stun the Octorok with it as well, so you can dispatch it with your sword. Then, standing between the two sets of blocks, hit the crystal switch with your boomerang. Unlock the door and head up the stairs.

The third floor[edit]

Kill the green gels and head south past the fire wall. The plaque on the wall shows the order in which you have to hit the four switches in a room to the north, so note that on your map. Go back north and blow out the candles to the north as you did before. Go north and stand in the center of the room. Draw a path for the boomerang that hits all four switches in the specified order and grab the key that drops. Unlock the door to the south and continue past the Boss Door.

By now hopefully you're comfortable with the boomerang, because the next room features two Fire Keese, two yellow ChuChus, and a fireball-spitting torch. Head north and kill the two Red Bubbles to kill the flames, and head north. Stand on the switch to light one torch, then draw a boomerang path through the lit torch and hitting the other two torches. Go south to the gap between this room and the one to the right. You should see a switch. Hit it with your boomerang to close the gap and head north. Open the chest for the Boss Key, which you have to carry back to the Boss Door. It's heavy, so it impedes your movement. Navigate back to the door and tap on it to unlock it. Go upstairs and enter the fourth floor. Look at the stone tablet on the left to create a portal to the dungeon's entrance. Now head upstairs and face the boss of this dungeon.

Blaaz, Master of Fire[edit]

Now, the key to defeating basically any boss in any Zelda game is the item you found in the dungeon. This is still true for Blaaz. Once the battle begins, he splits into three invincible mini-Blaazes. Draw a boomerang path that hits all three mini-Blaazes to gather them together. You'll know if the path will actually hit the mini-Blaazes if a little yellow star appears on the mini-Blaaz and you hear a sound. If you look at the map, the three mini-Blaazes have different icons on the map. You must hit them in the order of how many spikes each icon has. Thus, you hit the one with one spike first and the one with three spikes last.

When Blaaz recombines, he will be stunned momentarily. Unload on him with your sword until he teleports away. Follow his icon on the map and smack him when he reappears. Repeat this until he splits into the mini-Blaazes again. Repeat until he is defeated.

When Blaaz is defeated, he will dissipate into sand and Leaf, the Fairy of Power, will be released. Grab the heart container from the chest that appears and enter the blue portal. You'll appear outside of the temple.

The aftermath[edit]

The volcano has stopped erupting, so you can fearlessly proceed to Astrid's house. You'll receive a Power Gem from Astrid for your valiant efforts. Head back to the port and leave the Isle of Ember.