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This chapter is very linear, with no alternate routes. You'll face all the bosses from the previous chapters on your way to Goldman's headquarters in the middle of the city. New in this chapter are explodey-chest zombies that have zombie slugs burst out of their upper torsos after you kill them.

Entering the city[edit]

  • Bonuses: 1

You start out by going through a gate onto a street facing across it, looking down a narrow alley choked with cars. As you proceed down the alley, a meaty zombie will come running around the first car on the right, followed by two more from farther away while you're typing out the first one's phrase. When you start moving again, one of the garage doors on the right will open up revealing two more zombies, the rightmost one with an explodey-chest. You'll swing around to the left and take out two zombies that come around the blue van, then one that bursts out from the back of the van followed by one last zombie running around it like the first two. When they're down, quickly get the first bonus on the barrel in the background.

Heading back up the street, you'll see it opens up into a roundabout (rotary) intersection, with cars littering the streets. You'll stop and and take out five zombies that run at you from the left and right before moving again. When you do, you'll go to the right where you'll take out two more zombies, one of them with an explodey-chest, followed by one more normal zombie from a little farther away. Here you'll find the car you need to drive the rest of the way to Goldman's building. Before you can get in, however, you'll need to take out a running zombie and an explodey-chest zombie on your left.


Shortly after you begin driving, Zeal, the demonic imp from the first chapter, crashes your windshield and you pull up to him and Kuarl. After Zeal explains that he's been given a second chance by Goldman, you'll start the fight, which is identical to the first time you faced him. You'll get six long phrases for Kuarl, who is stunned after each one is correctly inputed, and then you'll do three of Zeal's countdown attacks.

Back on the road, you'll find yourself out on bridge. You'll immediately be attacked by zombies driving a red sports car on your right, but the two that attack you have very short target phrases. One more zombie will drop down on your hood, and then you'll face the next boss—Hierophant from chapter 2. You'll need to do four phrases during the times when his chest is open while he shuffles back and forth. Next he'll jump into the air and you have to complete his phrase before he lands. Do that three times and the fight is over.

After that you continue driving down the bridge for a bit and run into a blockade. Some zombies, including an exploding-chest one, leap at you from behind and inside a van. There's a powerup to hit after clearing them, one more zombie dropping down from above and finally you arrive at the courtyard of the Goldman company headquarters. Three zombies are present of which you should take out the middle one first, then the one on the right, and finally the exploding-chest one on the left. Next you're faced up with the second-to-final boss, Magician.


This guy was the final boss of the first House of the Dead. He has two phases. The first demands you to type his phrases perfectly, otherwise you take damage. However whenever you do take damage the length of the phrases drops greatly and you have more time to type them. You have to succeed quite a few times before the second phase begins. Now you no longer need to type perfectly. Shoot the three faster balls and then take out the slow one to damage him. After several hits Magician neatly explodes.