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Trap Name Appearance Effect Probability Can dodge? Specific item(s) to bypass
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Transporter.png Transporter Square full of golden "snow" Teleport elsewhere in maze 100% No Grey or Cyan Key
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Paralysis.png Paralysis Pulsating white ring Paralyzed for approx. 1-10 seconds 100% No none
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Confusion.png Confusion Orange ring with checkerboard pattern Randomizes controller input for "a few heartbeats" 100% No Lavender Key, Magenta Cloak
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Life Eater.png Life Eater Pulsating red ring Drains Life Force 100% No none
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Poison.png Poison Slowly pulsating tan ring Lose stamina unknown Yes none
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Fire.png Fire Fire Lose ~2 shields of HP 10% No Pink Key, Brown Ring, or Orange Bottle (temporarily)
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Brown gas cloud.png Brown Gas Cloud Cloud of brown gas Lose experience/level unknown Yes Orange or Brown Key
Tower of Doom INTV Traps - Green gas cloud.png Green Gas Cloud Cloud of green gas Lose a small amount of HP unknown Yes Bright Green Key

The Magenta Key will bypass all traps, and the Pink Rosary confers permanent immunity from traps. The Bright Green Scroll (whether small or large) will remove all traps in the current level.

Other items yet to be identified may bypass or deactivate certain traps as well. In particular, certain Rings and Cloaks appear to confer immunity to particular traps.

The game's collision detection will occasionally register your hero as touching a trap even if you're clearly in the next square over. This can happen even if you're separated from the trap by a wall.

Once in a while, the game will "ding" you for a trap right as you enter a room, even if you're nowhere near the trap.