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In Voyage Century there are a few ways to become a rich player. One of thing you have to remember is save your money.

For a beginner, the easiest way to make money is probably to just become a full time logger, miner, tailor and craftsman. You simply have to compound your material and start a booth where you can sell them.

Class specific[edit]


It is the hardest way to get rich. Since your ship gets a lot of damage, sailors die or get hurt and you have to buy plenty of cannon balls, you will have to spend a lot of money. The only way for you to make money is sell figureheads and drawings (to players) but it may take a long time before someone buys them.


You should get richer faster than if you are a Warrior, because you don't need to spend as much Silver (money in game) as them. You will get a lot of money and reputation from findings.


A Merchant gets lots of money by doing trades. Basically, you can sell goods between cities. Check the popular channel (down left of your screen). It will tell you what is wanted in each city. By doing that, you will get plenty of Eloquence experience and Silver.

You can also do Merchant Quests, but some people get bored doing them because they are long to do.


Sell Treasures

Sell treasures, because there are lots of people buying treasures for reputation. You don't have to be rich to become a treasure hunter. The best type to sell is level 1 treasures because they are the cheapest to make and easiest to dig. This job is actually one of the most fun to do. You can either get the pieces from players (a good price these days is 3,500 Silver for one piece). Take a look at this guide to find more information about treasure/treasure pieces. If you want to save more money you can find them yourself. There are a few possible ways to get them. One of the best is to find a Wreckage Drifter (hint in the golden route = Dakar <-> Capetown).

Skip upgrades

Many people get poor by spending millions on mats for ship upgrade. You can always skip any level if you want, a level 3 Battleship can be upgraded straight to level 5 if the requirements are met, and it saves you tons of money (especially at higher levels like 7, 8 and 9).

Some people think you can't skip any level if you are an Adventurer, because the telescope that you use to find findings require ship level. This is easy to overcome. You simply borrow a higher level Adventurer ship from a friend and there you go. Now you can equip the higher level telescope.