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Green Olive - Tripoli[edit]

Eloquence Experience 150,000
Silver 150,000
Reputation 100
Amity 5 with Tunisia Kingdom
Time No limit

You need to get 100 Olive (2500 loads).

Towns where Olives are available

  • Aden
  • Istanbul

Refreshing Orange Juice - Genoa[edit]

Eloquence Experience 100,000
Silver 100,000
Reputation 80
Amity 4 with the Merchands Guild
Time No limit

You need to get 60 Orange (1500 loads).

Towns where Oranges are available

  • Venise (Venice)

Purchase Beef - Seville[edit]

Eloquence Experience 150,000
Silver 100,000
Reputation 100
Amity 4 with the Kingdom of Spain
Time No limit
  • You need to have your Purchasing skill at least at 2 to do this quest

You need to get 50 Beef (1250 loads).

Towns where Beef is available

  • Bordeaux
  • Londres (London)
  • Tripoli