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Now you're on the pirate's ship, the Yggdrasil. You get some formal introductions, and Citan is back! You start in a giant Gear hangar. On the NORTH side, there is a Gear shop that you can use to upgrade Weltall. Further NORTH will take you into the hallway. On the WEST side, there are crew quarters where you can rest for free. On the EAST side, there is the nurse, who can weigh you, but overall does nothing right now. Further NORTH is the Gun Room, where you can buy items and accessories from Maison. There's a new item for sale, the Omegasol. It restores a single character's HP and EP, and only costs 50G. The catch is that you can only use it outside of battle, like a Survival Tent. Still, VERY useful. Buy 10-15. Downstairs, there are a few rooms, but nothing of interest.

When you're ready to move on, exit the Gun Room and take the elevator to the WEST. There is a ladder to the NORTH that normally leads to outside, but you can't leave right now. Go to the SOUTH to enter the Bridge. In addition to a Save Point, you see Bart and Sigurd manning the helm. You can talk to the other NPCs at the consoles; they have interesting things to say. Talk to Sigurd, and you'll go to Bart's lair.

Bart's Lair[edit]

  1. Iron Whip

The lair is an extension of the Yggdrasil, so you can go back at any time from the residential area. For now, follow Maison and Citan into the dining hall. After a spot of tea (the cup floats to Citan's face!), Bart enters and whisks Citan away to talk some more. Time to explore. The item shop in the dining hall has the same items as the Yggdrasil, except they have the MS 7.5 Armor, which is likely better than what Weltall has now. Exit the dining hall and go EAST across the bridge. There's a door that leads to Bart's room. Inside, there's an (1) Iron Whip. Leaving the room, go NORTH and enter the door on the left for a Save Point and a place to rest. Back in the hall, go WEST to get to the World Map, if you want to train. To the EAST is the planning room where Citan and Bart went. Go there for a scene.

Enter Bart's room to the SOUTH, and then take the elevator down to the docks. Head to the hatch for a scene with Bart. Go NORTH and take the green platform around the Yggdrasil to the elevator at the end (you'll be facing SOUTH). Go down to the Gear Hangar. Weltall is there, and mechanics are working on it. Talk to them, and Citan will show up. Take the elevator back to the residential area. Buy any last-minute items and Gear upgrades now, save, and talk to the Browncoat to rest. Upon awakening, take the elevator down to face a series of bosses.


Bart fights this battle with two of his subordinates. All they can do is attack and charge, and they have 1500 HP and 1200 fuel. Swordknight has two attacks, but they're both physical, so Wild Smile will make this battle easy. Save Bart's fuel, but go all out with the subordinates.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
800 - 1500 300

After the battle, Citan jumps into a Gear and joins the fight!


Citan takes on this guy alone, but Heimdal can do some serious damage. Aegisknight will lower your defense, which can be restored with Sazanami. You shouldn't need to use it, though, since he doesn't do much damage. Keep using Deathblows until Aegisknight falls.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
700 Extra Ar+2 1500 300

Time for more bosses.

Wandknight x 2

Bart and Citan fight together in this one. These guys can do some serious damage, especially with Power Beam, but their HP isn't high. Build Heimdal's Deathblow up to level 2 with Square button attacks on one enemy while Brigandier uses his level 1 Deathblow on the same enemy, which should kill it. Use Heimdal's level 2 Deathblow on the other enemy, and it will likely fall as well.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
620 - 3000 400

Fei finally enters the battle just in time to save a few orphans.


Fei takes him on alone, but doesn't do too much damage. A few Deathblows will take care of him.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
600 Extra Ar+2 1500 300

Just when you thought it was over, the big boss comes in.


Fei, Bart, and Citan team up to take on this guy. He can do some SERIOUS damage, so activate your Boosters and use Wild Smile immediately. Use Cross button attacks to build up your Attack Levels, and then unleash Deathblows. If he lowers your defenses, use Renki and Sazanami to restore them.

Hit Points Drops EXP G
4649 Beam Coat 17889 1700

After the battle, you'll have control of Fei, Citan, and Bart. You can leave at any time by going to the Yggdrasil bridge and talking to Sigurd, but take some time to upgrade Heimdal. This is one of the few places you can buy Magnetic Coats (a Gear accessory), which are an extremely useful (and expensive) piece of equipment. They add +25 to your Gear's Response, which is basically their Evasion stat. If you want to make the game much easier, buy as many as you can (up to 9). You'll probably only be able to afford 1 at this time.