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This is the route between the Fight Area and the Survival Area. Nothing particularly special here besides a bunch of items.


  • Dawn Stone
  • Dubious Disk
  • Lax Incense
  • Fresh Water
  • Revive
  • Hyper Potion
  • Ultra Ball
  • Rare Candy
  • HP up

Wild Pokémon Encounters[edit]

Name Type Level Rarity
FearowPokemon 022Fearow.png PkmnType Normal.gif/PkmnType Flying.gif 50-52 Common
RaticatePokemon 020Raticate.png PkmnType Normal.gif 50-52 Common
SpearowPokemon 021Spearow.png PkmnType Normal.gif/PkmnType Flying.gif 20-22 Rare
SkuntankPokemon 435Skuntank.png PkmnType Poison.gif/PkmnType Dark.gif 50-52 Common (Diamond Only)
GolduckPokemon 055Golduck.png PkmnType Water.gif 50-52 Common
RattataPokemon 019Rattata.png PkmnType Normal.gif 20-22 Rare
MachokePokemon 067Machoke.png PkmnType Fighting.gif 50-52 Rare

Several Directions[edit]

There are several directions which you can go from Route 225. If you are coming from the Survival Area side, you can either continue on to the Fight Area, or you can head north to Stark Mountain. If you happen to be coming from the Fight Area direction, you can continue on to the Survival Area, or also head north to Stark Mountain.