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Developer(s)Sun L
Year released1994
Preceded byChip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
Followed byDisney's Bonkers
SeriesDisney Afternoon
ModesSingle player
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Bonkers is a platform video game developed by Sun L and published by Capcom. It was released in October 1994, for the SNES. It is based on the animated television series Bonkers.


As police officer Bonkers D. Bobcat, the player must apprehend a thief who has stolen three items from a cartoon museum: the Sorcerer's Hat, the Mermaid's Voice, and the Magic Lamp.


Bonkers is a side-scrolling platform game. The player has several abilities, including a speed dash, which is used to break through obstacles. To stop enemies, the player can toss bombs at them, jump on their heads, or perform a speed dash. The game has six levels set across Hollywood, including a mansion, downtown, an ocean liner, a sewer, and a movie studio with Old West and science-fiction sets. Boss enemies must be battled at the end of each level.

There are various objects throughout the game, such as balloons and shields. The player can acquire items by popping balloons open, and can carry more bombs for every 10 shields collected. Donuts and cakes restore the player's health meter, and hearts can be collected to expand the meter.

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