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This is a summary of the rooms on Aether. The corresponding room on Dark Aether is shown when it exists.

Temple Grounds Sky Temple Grounds
Landing Site Defiled Shrine
Hive Access Tunnel
Hive Chamber A
Hive Tunnel
Command Chamber
Hive Storage
Hive Chamber B
Hive Chamber C
Hive Save Station
Hive Transport Area
Industrial Site Accursed Lake
Collapsed Tunnel Lake Access
Temple Assembly Site Plain of Dark Worship
Dynamo Chamber
Communication Area Reliquary Grounds
Trooper Security Station Reliquary Access
GFMC Compound Phazon Grounds
Sacred Bridge Phazon Pit
Sacred Path Profane Path
Temple Transport A
Temple Transport B
Storage Cavern B
Agon Transport Access
Transport to Agon Wastes
Temple Transport C
Meeting Grounds War Ritual Grounds
Hall of Eyes Base Access
Path of Eyes Abandoned Base
Service Access Shrine Access
Path of Honor Gateway Access
Hall of Honored Dead Sky Temple Gateway
Windchamber Gateway
Fortress Transport Access
Transport to Sanctuary Fortress
Grand Windchamber Ing Windchamber
Windchamber Tunnel
Torvus Transport Access
Transport to Torvus Bog
Storage Cavern A Ing Reliquary
Great Temple Sky Temple
Transport A Access
Temple Transport A
Temple Sanctuary
Controller Transport
Main Energy Controller Sky Temple Energy Controller
Transport B Access
Temple Transport B
Transport C Access
Temple Transport C
(none) Sanctum Access
(none) Sanctum

Agon Wastes Dark Agon Wastes
Transport to Temple Grounds
Plaza Access Ing Cache 4
Mining Plaza Dueling Range
Save Station A Save Station 2
Mining Station Access Junction Site
Mining Station A Judgment Pit
Portal Access A Portal Access
Agon Temple Access Dark Agon Temple Access
Agon Temple Dark Agon Temple
Controller Access Dark Controller Access
Agon Energy Controller Dark Agon Energy Controller
Sand Cache Save Station 1
Agon Map Station
Portal Terminal Portal Site
Transport Center Crossroads
Central Station Access Warrior's Walk
Central Mining Station Battleground
Command Center Access Double Path
Command Center Doomed Entry
Security Station B Oasis Access
Biostorage Access Feeding Pit Access
Biostorage Station Feeding Pit
Security Station A Watering Hole
Bioenergy Production Phazon Site
Ventilation Area B Bitter Well
Save Station C Save Station 3
Sand Processing Hall of Stairs
Main Reactor Dark Oasis
Storage D Ing Cache 3
Storage B Ing Cache 1
Mine Shaft Trial Tunnel
Ventilation Area A
Mining Station B Trial Grounds
Transit Station Dark Transit Station
Transport to Torvus Bog
Storage C Ing Cache 2
Storage A
Transport to Sanctuary Fortress
Torvus Bog Dark Torvus Bog
Transport to Temple Grounds
Temple Transport Access
Torvus Lagoon Poisoned Bog
Save Station A Cache A
Path of Roots
Great Bridge Venomous Pond
Portal Chamber Portal Chamber
Ruined Alcove Putrid Alcove
Forgotten Bridge Dark Forgotten Bridge
Abandoned Worksite Brooding Ground
Temple Access Dark Torvus Temple Access
Torvus Temple Dark Torvus Temple
Controller Access Dark Controller Access
Torvus Energy Controller Dark Torvus Energy Controller
Torvus Map Station Save Station 1
Underground Tunnel
Torvus Grove Polluted Mire
Meditation Vista Gloom Vista
Grove Access Dark Falls
Plaza Access Dark Arena Tunnel
Transport to Agon Wastes Ammo Station
Underground Transport Cache B
Hydrodynamo Station
Save Station B Save Station 2
Training Access Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel
Training Chamber Sacrificial Chamber
Transit Tunnel West Undertransit One
Gathering Hall Crypt
Gathering Access Crypt Tunnel
Transit Tunnel East Undertransit Two
Catacombs Dungeon
Catacombs Access
Hydrodynamo Shaft Undertemple Access
Main Hydrochamber Undertemple
Hydrochamber Storage Undertemple Shaft
Torvus Plaza Dark Torvus Arena
Transport to Sanctuary Fortress
Fortress Transport Access
Transit Tunnel South
Sanctuary Fortress Ing Hive
Transport to Temple Grounds
Temple Transport Access
Sanctuary Entrance Hive Entrance
Power Junction Entrance Defense Hall
Reactor Access Hive Reactor Access
Reactor Core Hive Reactor
Save Station A Hive Save Station 1
Minigyro Chamber Unseen Way
Hall of Combat Mastery Culling Chamber
Dynamo Works Hive Dynamo Works
Dynamo Access Hive Dynamo Access
Main Gyro Chamber Hive Gyro Chamber
Save Station B Hive Save Station 2
Temple Access Hive Temple Access
Sanctuary Temple Hive Temple
Controller Access Hive Controller Access
Sanctuary Energy Controller Hive Energy Controller
Worker's Path
Central Area Transport East Central Hive East Transport
Sanctuary Map Station Hive Cache 1
Transport to Agon Wastes
Agon Transport Access Hazing Cliff
Checkpoint Station Hive Gyro Access
Aerie Transport Station Hive Ammo Station
Aerie Access
Aerie Hive Summit
Transit Station Hive Portal Chamber
Main Research Staging Area
Central Area Transport West Central Hive West Transport
Watch Station Aerial Training Site
Watch Station Access
Grand Abyss Judgment Drop
Vault Vault Attack Portal
Torvus Transport Access
Transport to Torvus Bog
Hive Temple Access
Hive Temple
Sentinel's Path Temple Security Access
Dynamo Storage Hive Cache 3