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Note these are simplified for showing a summary of the buttons.


For additional information on mobility related controls, please see Gameplay.
  • NeutralSpin control - Regain balance after bad landing
  • Neutral control - Moves the board.
    • Left control or Right control - Steer the board to the left or right.
    • Down control - "Edge" the board (move it perpendicular to the line of movement) and brake.
      • DownLeft control or DownRight control - Make sharp turns while edging.
    • Up control - Push off from a still position; it can be used the start of a race or after falling.
  • Neutral cstick - Adjusts the camera.
    • Up cstick/Down cstick - Zoom in/out
    • Left cstick/Right cstick - Pan the camera.
  • A button - Jump. Hold to charge.
  • L button - Tuck the boarder; increases top speed but decreases turning. Absorb landing shock.
  • R button - Switch between normal and switch stances
  • Z button - Taunt/Cheer.


For more information, refer to the Tricks page
  • Neutral control+R button - Rotates while in mid air, causes slow motion in single player.
  • Neutral control+B button, X button, or Y button - Performs a grab trick while in mid air
  • L button - Begin grinding (alternate: collision with object from above).
    • Left control/Right control - While grinding, control the balance meter
    • A button - Dismount the object.