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In Time Trial mode, its a race against yourself to get the best time (least time) possible. To qualify for a time, all coins in a race must be acquired before finishing the race. If all of them aren't, don't even finish the course, just press Start button, then restart.


Enter The Cold: Ski School[edit]

Easy Life: Tenderfoot Pass[edit]

Angel Light: Frosty Shadows[edit]

Sub-Zero Assault: Spinal Damage[edit]


Easy Life: Powder Threat[edit]

Time to Beat: 1:05:00

Notmyhandle's best time: 00:56:08

The only ways you'll be slowed down on this course is by falling, getting stuck or taking your time getting Coin #2.

Coin Locales[edit]

  1. Inside the first building (the one with the helicopter that takes off from on top) behind the garage door. Wait for the snowmobile to enter, slide in behind it before the door closes.
  2. Inside the ski lodge, head towards the glass, veer to the left where a tiny ledge exists. Slide around the ledge, onto the deck, go through the glass and get the coin.
  3. On the rail a little after Coin #2, stay to the left after getting the ski lodge coin, where the path heads under a bridge veer to the left and go on top, grind the left rail to get the coin.
  4. In the woods on the left. Just stay on the left side of the path and you won't miss it.
  5. In the woods when the path splits, after the big jump (you'll see skiers jumping in an X position ahead of you) stay to the far left.

Angel Light: Tree Top Trauma[edit]

Time to Beat: 1:15:00

Notmyhandle's best: 1:10:71 With NST: 1:02:81

This course has tons of icy patches, so you'll need to use them to get the top score, try to hit the least amount of mogles as possible and jump the gap on the giant tree grind.

Coin Locales[edit]

  1. When the course splits right at the beginning, head right up the icy ramp to hit the coin at the top.
  2. At the end of the icy path (if you got Coin #1) there will be a long ramp, grind it all the way to the end to get the coin (dismount early to jump the gap).
  3. Entering the saw mill, head right at the fork. The coin is in the middle of the hanging logs.
  4. In the saw mill, the room with the logs being moved across the path (similar to frogger), the coin is past the second row of moving logs (there are three rows).
  5. Right after Coin #4, when leaving the saw mill stick to the left side and grind the rusty pipes to head up to the shortcut path. The coin will be at the first jump, visible as you dismount the pipes.

Aspen Lake Dam: Grits N' Gravy[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Trestle Trouble[edit]

Sub-Zero Assault: Ballistic[edit]


Easy Life: Revolution Cliff[edit]

Angel Light: Midnight City[edit]

Aspen Lake Dam: Rotted Ridge[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Diesel Disaster[edit]

Frozen Melee: Sick With It[edit]

Avalanche Alley: No Way Out[edit]


Angel Light: Top Tree Mama[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Treble Tussle[edit]

Easy Life: Evolution Riff[edit]

Angel Light: Sid's Night Midi[edit]

Ride Easy Railways: Dazzlin' Teaser[edit]

Frozen Melee: Wit's Thicket[edit]

Avalanche Alley: Outway Knoll[edit]