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Stances determine what trick will be performed when spinning and whether or not a grab or 50/50 grind is switch when performed. Stances are first chosen when choosing a board; notice at the top right there is a pair of feet with toes pointed to the left, that is a goofy stance (since the right foot is towards the top or front of the board) and can be selected by pressing R button (as it shows next to the feet). When you do switch to goofy, the picture at the top right will show the toes pointed to the right with the left foot forward, which is a regular stance. That is your stance type, and then you have a riding style which is either normal or switch, which is basically riding with your stance or opposite it (switching to the other type). The difference is slim in game, and really comes down to which way you prefer to spin the control stick. Spinning clockwise means you prefer a regular stance and clockwise a goofy (at least in game, determined by spin tricks). Switch riding affects various tricks in game and can be selected by simply rotating 180° on the ground (R button) or in the air (R button+Neutral control).


The following apply while in mid-air:

  • R button+Neutral control - Rotates the boarder and causes slow motion in single player.
    • R button+Right control - Rotate the boarder to the right. In a non-switch regular stance this causes the back leg to pivot backwards (or away) from the direction your toes are pointed (since left foot is forward), thus a backside spin is performed. If riding switch, it will perform a switch frontside spin because you are riding switch and your back leg is pivoting towards your the direction your toes are pointed. In goofy these tricks are replaced with frontside and switch backside respectively. (Note:Using R button+ClockwiseSpin controlwill allow you to spin faster.)
    • R button+Left control - Rotate the boarder to the left. The rider spins the opposite direction of the clockwise spin, and thus the tricks are reversed. Non-switch regular stance causes a frontside spin to be performed and a switch backside when riding switch. Again, this is reversed when riding goofy and the tricks are interchangeable with backside and switch frontside respectively. (Note: Using R button+CounterClockwiseSpin control will allow you to spin faster.)
    • R button+Up control - Perform a front flip.
    • R button+Down control - Perform a back flip.


Note that grabs also have the "switched" prefix if performing it in a switched (opposite stance of the rider's default) stance; thus a switched method can be performed if you spin 180° (like when using R on the ground) when you are able to perform a method (you can keep spinning to switch between the two stances and tricks). The following apply while in midair:

  • B button - Performs a Mute.
  • B button+Left control - Performs a Method.
  • B button+Right control - Performs a Stalefish.
  • B button+Up control - Performs a Lien Air.
  • B button+Down control - Performs a Seatbelt.
  • X button - Performs an Indy.
  • X button+Left control - Performs a Flying Squirrel.
  • X button+Right control - Performs an Indy Nosebone.
  • X button+Up control - Performs a Rocket.
  • X button+Down control - Performs a Tail Grab.
  • Y button - Performs a Melanchollie.
  • Y button+Left control - Performs a Method Tweaked.
  • Y button+Right control - Performs a Roastbeef.
  • Y button+Up control - Performs a Crail.
  • Y button+Down control - Performs a Japan Air.


  • L button - Begin grinding when your board touches objects like rails and logs, the grind is determined by the stance of the boarder and angle of the board in relation to the object.(alternate: collision with object from above)
    • 50/50 Grind - Performed if the board is parallel to the object. Can be performed as "Switch 50/50" when switch.
    • FS Grind - Performed if perpendicular to the object and facing the same direction as the boarder's motion.
    • BS Grind - Performed if perpendicular to the object and facing away from the boarder's motion (opposite of an FS Grind).
  • R button - Change your character's orientation.
  • Left control/Right control - Control the balance meter, if the indicator hits the red zones of the meter you will dismount automatically.
  • A button - Dismount the object.