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As a snowboarding game, 1080° Avalanche modifies some of the common styles of gameplay to create a familiar feeling game that is easy to learn. As a sequal to 1080° Snowboarding, the tricks are also somewhat familiar in executing (for example spinning the joystick while holding R button).

The game consists of several riders, whom the player can choose from, whose biggest difference is their appearance. Once you master the game any character will be a suitable tool.

There are several modes within the game, and completing certain goals will unlock various minor additions to the game.


  • Neutral control - Moves the board.
    • Left control or Right control - Steer the board to the left or right.
    • Down control - "Edge" the board (move it perpendicular to the line of movement) and brake.
      • DownLeft control or DownRight control - Make sharp turns while edging.
    • Up control - Push off from a still position; it can be used the start of a race or after falling.
  • Neutral cstick - Adjusts the camera.
    • Up cstick/Down cstick - Zoom in/out
    • Left cstick/Right cstick - Pan the camera.
  • A button - Jump. Press and hold to display the jump meter; a circle that fills up the longer you hold A. For the highest (and best for tricks) jump release A when the meter is full, this will cause slowmotion in single player; note that holding A for too long will cause the meter to reset and the jump to be minimal.
  • L button - Tuck the boarder; increases top speed but decreases turning.
    • If falling, press L button just before landing to absorb the shock; notification of success provided by a white expanding image of your board (it fades within seconds).
  • R button - Switch between normal and switch stances (opposite of the chosen stance, regular/goofy) by spinning 180°.
  • Z button - Taunt/Cheer.

Regaining Balance[edit]

If you land badly (i.e. land without pressing L button or unparallel with your motion) you will lose your balance and a balance meter will appear; spin the control stick NeutralSpin control in any direction until you regain your balance. Note that your balance is lost exponentially so it progressively becomes more difficult to regain. If the meter is drained your boarder will fall.


For more details on tricks, see 1080° Avalanche/Tricks.

Tricks do two things:

  • Give points when allowed (within Trick Attack for example).
  • Incrases the power meter of the player.


The Power meter increases as tricks are performed successfully. As a trick is being performed, the bar will fill up with red (the potential amount of increase). If successful, the red will become blue/green and will be actual power, if not, the bar will not change from the current amount of power. If you fall, the bar will not lower. The exception is when maxed out; if you crash with a full bar the entire meter will drain.

When you have a full power meter, your character will glow slightly, giving them and their board a shiny reflective like effect. This effect also causes them to have a higher ability to withstand falls and crashes and it gives them the ability to knock down other players if they crash into them.