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The True Route is actually an extension on Toa Kushinada's route, unlocked only after all main routes have been completed. Completing it unlocks the final route in the game, Hanate Yatsukami, which reveals the secrets behind the remaining mysteries of Okunezato. To begin the True Route, go to scenario select after clearing Hino Kagutsuchi, Isora Amari, Toa Kushinada, Sosuke Tatehira, and Yuzuki Murakumo. Toa Kushinada True Route should now be available. Select it and read through it, selecting the only choice in the route, to unlock the True Route's Good End. This can be accessed by loading the Toa save file or through scenario select. Select all correct choices here to unlock a Tip. Below are the only required choices for both "routes."

True Route[edit]

  • The women's bath

Good End[edit]

  • Head to the tunnel
  • Why did you pick me?
  • Toa, let's get out of here...!