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Password: HZKC[edit]

Lolo2US 06-1.png
Original room: Eggerland: Departure to Creation, room 50
  1. Be careful of the Don Medusa patrolling the bottom of the room. Cross over the bridge, and when it is safe, collect the Heart Frame that is positioned right next to an Emerald Frame for two egg shots. Then quickly jump above the Emerald Frame to protect yourself from the Don Medusa.
  2. Step out about half way to the left above the Emerald Frame. When the Don Medusa passes below you to the left, run out to the Heart Frame in the lower left corner. Wait for the Don Medusa to come back and then return to the right before collecting the Heart Frame. Then run back to the Emerald Frame before the Don Medusa returns.
  3. Carefully return to the right side of the screen. Push the Emerald Frame above the treasure chest to the right between the chest and the boulder. Then push the Emerald Frame along the bottom wall all the way to the left, to pin the Don Medusa up against the Medusa.
  4. Head up to the Emerald Frame above the Medusa, push it down two spaces and push it to the left one half of a space so that it partially blocks the Medusa.
  5. Push the nearby Emerald Frame to the right, close to the Snakey. Then shoot the Snakey twice, and push the Emerald Frame over the position where the Snakey used to be. It will reappear above the water near the Heart Frame in the upper left corner (this mechanic is called enemy hole).
  6. Cross the bridge, head up, and collect the Heart Frame directly above the water. Then cross over the left arrow tile and collect the Heart Frame in the upper left corner for two egg shots.
  7. At this time, the Skulls will wake up, and cross over the bridge. Stand above the Snakey, shoot it once, wait for the Skulls to get close, push the egg into the water, and hop over the egg to the land below. You should be able to safely collect the key without fear of the Skulls catching you.

Password: HYKL[edit]

Lolo2US 06-2.png
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room East-4
  1. Walk through the first right arrow tile and collect the nearby Heart Frame. Then walk through the second arrow tile and collect the other Heart Frame.
  2. Stand to the left of the lower right Snakey and shoot it once. Push the egg into the water, and use it to cross back over to the left. Do the same with the middle Snakey, only while you are standing on the egg, shoot the left Snakey and push it to the left as you get off the egg.
  3. Push the egg up through the up arrow tile, and position it to the right of the Medusa above. Then walk to the right and shoot the Snakey on the right. Push the egg up to the water and use the egg to cross over and collect the Heart Frame in the upper right corner.
  4. Before the egg can travel too far, hop back on top of it as it floats to the left. When you reach the Gol, shoot it and push the egg all the way to the left, above the Medusa. Collect the Heart Frame in the upper left corner.
  5. Wait for the egged Snakey to reappear. Then shoot it once, and push it to the left, beneath the Medusa, in order to collect the last Heart Frame, and finally the key.

Password: HMKB[edit]

Lolo2US 06-3.png
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room 20

There are two general strategies that can be applied in this room. You can either do what you can to move any of the Emerald Frames so as to limit the upper Skulls abilities to get down to the lower region of the room, or you can simply rely on your reflexes, and shoot any nearby Skulls after they wake up and before they can hurt you. Regardless of which strategy you choose a couple of things are required:

  • In order to collect the lower left Heart Frame, you will have to shoot the left-most Skull and push its egg down. Then you can walk around and up the left alley to collect the Heart Frame. Be conscious of where you deposit that Skull, since it can kill you after you collect the last Heart Frame if you leave it too close.
  • Even though the lowest Heart Frame gives you two egg shots (like the Heart Frame in the upper right corner), you will probably want to save this for last, since it is closest to the treasure chest. However, that means you have to deal with the two Skulls above you. You should have at least one egg shot remaining before you collect this frame. Use it on one of the Skulls, and then shoot the remaining Skull when it comes to life. Then you should be able to run in and collect the key before any of the other Skulls can get too close to you.

Password: HJKR[edit]

Lolo2US 06-4.png
Original room: Adventures of Lolo (Japan), floor 7, room 1
  1. Pay attention to the lower Don Medusa, and run from the bottom row to the space next to the top Emerald Frame. Push that one right by one tile., and go down.
  2. When Rocky walks into the passage where Lolo started, push the bottom-left Emerald and lock him up (still, beware of Don Medusa).
  3. Let us use the three remaining Emeralds in the left column. First, push any one left and up and block the lower Don Medusa towards the right. Second, push another Emerald left and up, then onto the grass tile just below the right Medusa (beware of the upper Don Medusa). Third, push the last Emerald left and up, then to the right and trap the upper Don Medusa next to his "brother".
  4. Now, let us use the five Emerald Framers in the right column. Push the second and the fourth one against the wall, then push the middle one upwards. Step on the grass and push the upper Emerald all the way up. You need two Emeralds only now: push any one left and up so to block Gol and Medusa at the same time; then push another Emeralnd below the left Medusa.
  5. Collect all the hearts, then the jewel from the chest.

Password: HTKV[edit]

Lolo2US 06-5.png
Original room: Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth, room 50
  1. Collect the Heart Frame for two magic shots, shoot the Snakey and push it into the water.
  2. Get off the raft when you are on the south side of the island. Collect the bottom Heart Frame, but not the one above. Shoot the lowest Gol, and then collect the second Heart Frame.
  3. Push the egg into the water on the right and hop on board. Let it take you around to the top side of the island, where you can get off immediately.
  4. Shoot the right Gol twice to remove it, and shoot the left Gol with you remaining shot. Alternatively, you can first shoot the left Gol twice to remove it, then shoot the right Gol and push it beyond the down arrow tile. Now you can safely move through the down arrow tile and collect the raft before any Gol reappears.

To proceed to the next room, climb the staircase.