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Bionic Commando NES map Neutral.png

In order to enter this Neutral zone, you must possess a Permit. You can only obtain a Permit by clearing Area 6. And unless you get the Permit and explore this area, you will not be able to proceed to Area 8. Assuming you have the Permit, be sure to select it from the item selection screen before entering the area. If you do, you are allowed to freely enter this area. Be careful of the spiked orb that jumps out of the water over the first bridge.

As you approach door A, the ally standing outside informs you that he has the γ (Gamma) communicator that you need. Sure enough, when you step through the door, the blue communicator is situated on top of the left platform. Grapple up to get it and head back out.

Continue making your way to door B. Inside this room, you will see 10 bullets arranged throughout the room. The problem is, you only have about six seconds to collect them all before they disappear, which may feel like entirely too little time. A beginner can easily collect the three over the middle platform. A good player can probably also collect the three on the upper left ledge just by swinging to, and bouncing off the left wall. Only an expert can then swing from the center platform to the right, collect the two on the lower right platform, and then immediately grapple up to the final two bullets before they disappear for good. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Famicom Differences[edit]

  • In room A, other than the gamma communicator, there is a spider.
  • Room B is totally different. A red corporal named Mack (マック Makku?) is standing in the room. By talking with him and choosing "Yes", he will tell you that his old helmet is in the underground tunnel, and asks you to defeat Weizmann.