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Balley Valley[edit]

As you enter this desert stage, you should notice some holes in the sand. You won't be able to fall into them, but up ahead will be a big creature that resembles a jack-in-the-box; he's in one of the holes and will always be turning towards another one. Hitting this creature with a blast will spook it and cause it to jump ahead, in the direction it's facing, into the next hole. Understanding this, you should spot another one of the hole dwellers ahead and to the right. This time, it'll be facing one of two walls. Spooking this one will cause it to break through one of the walls before reappearing in its original hole. Break the one ahead to get some Feed and the one to the right to proceed ahead.

Ahead is a Bandito, another Hole Dweller, and a Bandito Ghost. Unlike the ghosts of Blakinc Trench, Bandito Ghosts will move around a bit before disappearing and reapparing in one of two or three preset locations. They can still be beaten with a bomb, but their mobility makes scoring a hit difficult. Meanwhile, the Hole Dweller doesn't automatically return to its original hole once it's spooked. You can use this to herd it towards and through the wall on the right. The next Hole Dweller is behind a wall, but there's a hole in the ground that will allow you to kick a bomb through to coax it out. Past that wall is a Charabom Battle portal. This one is for Stegodon, a weak Fire-type; you should gain this Bomb Kick Charabom with little trouble.

Up ahead is your first quicksand current. Note its three elements: the mound where sand pours out, the current itself which will carry you along if you walk on it, and the pit which will suck up the sand (and you, if you step into it) and send everything back to the mound. Thus, stepping into the pit will carry you past the fallen column. Up ahead are some rolling cacti. Approaching them is not advised since it can extend its spines and spin around to attack. Two regular bombs or a Big Bomb will keep them down. Also scattered in this area are some holes covered by bones. Remember those holes guarded by flowers back in Tentasia? Use the same technique to slide bombs into the holes and match the bones withdraw. One of the holes even has a guard over it that acts just like those Tentasia flowers. The hole it guards opens the way into the quicksand maze.

Make your way across the sand currents until you spot two intact columns. Knock them over with bombs to make bridges across the quicksand. The next column is on the far side; you can stand on the platform tucked into the U-shaped sand current and throw a bomb to the other side with Andlar, or you can remote-detonate a bomb from the sand current with Pommy. From there, jump into the pit to get past the wall, then take care of another column across the sand, watching out for Bandito Ghosts along the way. Eventually, you'll reach a current going past a wall, but your end has the mound rather than the pit. But see the hole? This reveals an interesting aspect of these quicksand currents: they're reversible. Sending a bomb into a sand pit (like what you will do by kicking a bomb through that hole) will cause everything in the current to reverse for a few seconds. This means the mound is now a pit you can fall into to cross the wall. Now, only one wall keeps you from exiting the maze. But there's a door nearby you can blast. The bad news is you're gonna get sand in your suit; the good news is the sand blows out the wall, opening the path to the final part of the stage: the oasis.

Your next goal is to find the right sand pits to reach the island in the middle of all that water. From the marked path, take the second pit to your right. This leads to a halfway island. The pit there will take you to the big island.

Mortar Camels

Two camels will wander this island. Occasionally, they'll lay down, open the hatch on their backs, and launch cannonball mortars at you. The only time they'll take damage is when that hatch is open, so set up accordingly using Pommy or Marine Eel. Concentrate on one camel at a time, sticking close to that side of the island so that distance and the palm trees will help interfere with the other camel's shots. Once several hits down the first camel, focus on the other one. Once both camels are down, the whole oasis disappears: a mirage. The good news is that the water that blocked the exit arrow is gone, so you can cross the sand to the exit.

Lightning Cards[edit]

  1. Lure out the Hole Dweller from behind the wall with the hole in it. It'll stay at that hole for a bit. Wait until it turns toward another wall, then spook it again to make it break down the wall leading to the Lightning Card.
  2. If you kick a bomb into all the bone-covered holes in front of the quicksand maze, you will also cause a skull to open, revealing the jar with the Lightining Card.
  3. As you go into the quicksand maze, look to the right, past the columns you can knock over, to see a dead-end guarded by flames. Quench them with Aqua Bombs to reach the final Lightning Card.

Tako Temple[edit]

Two things you should notice as soon as you arrive. First is the little structure with an entrance in front. You can kick a bomb through the hole to destroy it. Second, and more importantly, is that imposing green head statue just in sight ahead and to the left. It behooves you to be very careful lining up directly with this things face or side. It'll quickly turn toward you and streak a powerful laser beam (one big heart powerful) in a line towards you. But you need that beam. The entrance to the temple has a light-based switch. You need to lure the statue to face the switch and get out of its line of fire. The laser will trip the switch and open the gate. Now you'll see more of those little structures. Kick a bomb into the center one to open the way ahead.

Up ahead, note the yellow switch. It and any future yellow switches you find will only trip when bombs are on them. Using Pommy, you can keep a bomb on the switch as long as you need to ride up to reach the green switch and then cross back. Cross the now-lowered platform. and turn left. At the end of this path is an important Charabom Battle Portal: Pteradon is inside, and his Bomb Jump ability is essential in later stages. Send either Andlar or Marine Eel against him and you should handle him easily. To proceed forward, backtrack until you reach a short ramp and two jars. Ahead, keep to the path and you will spot the two statues. They act like the one outside, so listen for the grinding of stone to warn you of an imminent laser beam. To proceed ahead, look to your left to see a bunch of the small structures. Find the one with an open door and destroy it with a Bomb Kick. This reveals the opening of the next one, and so on, until a way opens up to a green switch. This lowers a platform with a structure on it. This makes it vulnerable to the Bomb Kick, allowing you to reach the green switch behind it. This will lower a light-sensitive switch over by the left statue. By luring the statue into firing on it, you can open the gate. After dealing with two rolling cacti, you should see the quicksand current. Like in the last stage, you need to reverse this one (by sending a bomb under the gap and into the pit) to reach the back half of the temple.

Once past, turn right and quickly run past the first statue (one good thing about the statues in the back half of the temple: they don't turn). What you want now is the center corridor, with the statue facing upward towards the exit. Carefully go around to its back, but don't be too quick. Behind are two more statues, and they're firing diagonally in an X pattern. Time your run around them. Past them is a new blue portal. This is a Charabom Merge Portal: where you can merge two regular Charabom into one powerful Merged Charabom. In this one, you need Ligon and Pommy to form Pomyugar. If you've been getting every Charabom from the start, you'll have them and can perform the merge. Note that the regular Charaboms don't disappear, in case you need their specific abilities.

Back at the temple, go back to the statue you passed earlier. Lure it into firing straight ahead and it will trip a switch and open a gate. Carefully go through into a room full of statues. One thing: don't dawdle in the center. Out of sight is a statue that shoots down the middle. Carefully maneuver between the beams of the statues. Behind the last one, the one that shot back towards the entrance, is a green switch. This lowers one of the platforms with a structure on it. Now carefully make your way back out. Pass the center corridor and get past the statue on the right and onto the platform. Up there is a Bomb Eater: so called because if it sees a bomb, it'll jump up, consume it, and get fat and slow (and explosive once it goes down). Deal with it and you'll spot two structures guarding a green switch in the corner. Tripping the switch lowers a light-sensitive switch the nearby statue can now hit. Beyond this is a narrow bridge guarded by a statue (hint: keep to the sides of the bridge). The last part is tough, though, since you need to set a bomb on the platform to trip a yellow switch and raise it to your level, but if the statue wakes up (which it probably will once you cross), it'll set off the bomb, so move fast. Behind this statue is another green switch which lowers another structure on a platform.

With both platforms lowered, you can now begin a sequence of bomb kicking and structure-smashing. The ultimate aim is to uncover a green switch under the last structure (which happens to be one of the ones you lowered earlier). This will lower a light-sensitive switch so that the middle statue (the one facing the exit) can shoot a beam at it. Hitting this switch will finally open the door to the temple's exit.

Lightning Cards[edit]

  1. Try out Pteradon as soon as you get him. Cross the two nearby gaps using Bomb Jumps (use a Big Bomb at the second gap) to reach the platform where this Lightning Card is kept.
  2. You need Light Bombs. In the back right of the first area of the temple is a light-sensitive switch already in place. Lure the statue into shooting it to open the gate to the room. The Light Bombs are needed to solidify a bridge that lets you cross over to the Lightning Card. Be careful, though; unlike other translucent things, the bridge only remains solid temporarily.
  3. You need Wind Bombs. Right next to the Charabom Merge portal for Pomyugar is a big leaf. Use a Wind Bomb to ride it up to the Lightning Card on the adjacent platform.

Takos' Coliseum[edit]

Eagle Bomber

"People call me the Prince of the Wind: the Blue Falcon of the Crush Bombers. The Eagle Bomber is what I'm called! So, you are the foolish Bomberman who defies our master Mujoe. If you don't fear these beautiful wings of white silver, then come battle with me!"

Eagle Bomber's basic movement is to hover a little off the ground as he crosses from one side of the arena to the other and back again. Those jets will spoil any attempts to hit him, so you need to react to his moves to get a Big Bomb on him. His attacks are as follows:

  • His most basic attack, called the Eagle Comet, involves him jetting across the arena at speed. Upon reaching the edge, he'll reflect off in a somewhat wild angle. This makes avoiding him difficult at times. He will bounce off anywhere from four to eight times before coming out of it. A hit is only one small heart, but it also means you drop a carried bomb, likely spoiling your chance to score a hit. He doesn't call out this move, but it's easy to see it coming once he cuts his jets in preparation for the move.
  • Another basic move of his is the Twister (he'll call this move out). This works similarly to Eagle Comet, though instead of jetting forward, he'll spin like a top as he bounces around the arena. Twister is a little less predictable and a little tougher to avoid than Eagle Comet, but the damage and consequences are similar.
  • At two hearts down, he starts using his Eagle Bomb Drop. He laughs out loud and rises out of sight. Then, he'll jet over your head (usually from behind you) and make a carpet bombing run across the arena. When he begins the move, stand over in one corner. When you hear a sound like a dive bomber, he's about to make a bombing run. Rush over to one of the corners to either side of you; these will be the safest places against the bombs. The explosions hurt for two small hearts, and he'll make anywhere from two to four passes before finally coming back down to earth.
  • At one and a half hearts to go, he may lift higher into the air and try his Afterburner technique (he'll call out, "Burn!" when he goes into this). A more powerful version of his basic movement, the backwash from his jets will make a rather wide area around Eagle Bomber a hot zone.
  • Finally, at one heart to go, he'll unleash his most dangerous move: the Piledriver. He'll silently zoom around the arena and then suddenly home in on you, whereupon he grabs you, lifts you sky high and then slams you for a big heart of damage. There's no way to escape the move, nor does Eagle Bomber ever miss in his approach. Your only safeguard against the Piledriver is to disrupt it.

Like Beauty Bomber, Eagle Bomber is vulnerable to stunning with Big Bombs. The trick, though, is finding an opening with which to land that bomb on him. Most of his attacks, though, have distinct openings (usually immediately following them) that allow for this if you're quick enough and perceptive enough. Unlike before, Pommy is probably preferable to Andlar in this battle, since even if you miss the throw to stun, you can quickly set it off while Eagle Bomber is still in range to damage him.

Lightning Cards

  1. Defeat Eagle Bomber in under 4:00.
  2. Stun Eagle Bomber with a Big Bomb after he comes down from his Eagle Bomb Drop.
  3. Stun Eagle Bomber with a Big Bomb after he finishes his Eagle Comet attack.
  4. Disrupt his Twister attack by stunning him with a Big Bomb before he gets up to speed.
  5. Disrupt his Piledriver attack by hitting him with a Big Ice Bomb as he makes his approach.

Takos' Storm[edit]

You must now proceed through another maze, and all the while a huge sandstorm rages over the exit in the back. First, you must pass three gates by finding and placing bombs on three yellow switches while dealing with three Bandito Ghosts. Once you cross the gates, you'll encounter Bomb Eaters as well as Hopping Horses. The latter only need one bomb to down, but they hop around so much that nailing a hit is tricky. The exit is right here, but the sandstorm blocks the exit. Also in this area is a large dome with a mouth in it. Kick a bomb into the open mouth to make it spin around, revealing a ramp you can take up to reach the upper levels, but be careful. You probably noticed the two statues on the way in. These ones turn forwards and backwards to attack, but their sides are safe. One of them is in the direction you're heading. Watch for its attacks as you make your way down a ramp to the lower level.

Maneuvering past the Hopping Horses, you'll notice a structure like those in the last temple blocking the way forward, and its hole is facing away from you. But if you look at the opposite wall, you should see a hole big enough to kick a bomb through. Kick a bomb through the hole in the wall and into the structure to advance. Not far from here is a gap with a Charabom Merge Portal on the other side. A good look reveals a Bomb Pedestal in the gap; set a Big Bomb and cross over to the portal. The Portal uses Pommy and Pteradon to create Pommy Dragon. This is a much-prized Charabom since time will no longer limit your attempts at Bomb Jumping with Pommy Dragon equipped.

Up ahead, a structure setup similar to the last one blocks your way, but there's no hole in sight. A gate is blocking the hole you need to kick through, so throw a bomb up onto the yellow switch to lower the gate and reveal the hole. Destroy the structure and keep going. Further along, past two Bomb Eaters, is another of the large domes. This one opens and closes its mouth at regular intervals, so time your Bomb Kick so it passes when the mouth is open. This one will turn and open up the upper level for you again.

Back on the upper level, you should be able to cross over the exit arch and make your way down the long pathway where the other statue sits. Make your way all the way to end to find a Minigame Portal. This one is for Bomber Marathon. Clear this tricky game to win the Fan. You'll use it in the next stage to build Wind Bombs. Now, backtrack past the statue and down the stairs to the side. Be careful going down the next path because a three-way statue is up ahead, and it will likely shoot at you as you approach. To either side of it are light-sensitive switches. Go for the one to the right. This opens up another kick-the-bomb puzzle, but where's the yellow switch? It's over the wall where the Bomb Eater is located. Deal with the Bomb Eater, then throw a bomb over the wall to lower the gate. Now you can kick the bomb through to reach the next three-way statue. Stick to the left wall; you tend to get hit at the right side. To move on, lure the statue to a light-sensitive switch to the left so the gate lowers. Past this is the final kick-the-bomb puzzle. You see one yellow switch in plain sight, but setting a bomb here only lowers a gate that doesn't allow you to make the Bomb Kick. What it does do is allow you to throw another bomb over the wall and onto a yellow switch hidden there. This switch lowers a section of wall, turning a window into the hole you need to kick the bomb through.

Once you cross into the corridor, run very fast because two statues are here, and these are nasty: they can both track and shoot at 45-degree angles. Not only that, they're guarding the final large dome, which incidentally is not only opening and closing its mouth but also swinging from side to side. What you need to do is limit the danger. Run all the way to the right. That way, you only have to dodge one statue. In addition, you can now line up your Bomb Kick (which can be assisted by equipping Stegodon) for when the dome is all the way to the one side: giving you the best chance to nail the kick. Take out the last dome, and you can breathe a great sigh of relief. Not only does the upper level open again and the statues stop shooting you, but the sandstorm disappears! You can finally backtrack to the nearby ramp and head for the exit arrow.

Lightning Cards[edit]

  1. You need Wind Bombs. At the first point where you can make the statue hit one of two light-sensitive switches, make it hit the one on the left to open a room with two big leaves. One lifts you up to a hole where you can kick a bomb and destroy a small structure. This opens the way to the Lightning Card, which you can now reach by riding the second big leaf.
  2. You need Angol. Shortly past the second small structure you need to kick a bomb into is a very tricky version of the puzzle. The yellow switch that lowers the gate is too high for a normal Bomb Throw (so you need the Power Glove), but at the same time, the distance to the small structure that blocks access to the Lightning Card is too far for a normal Bomb Kick (thus the Bomb Kick ability is needed). You need to use both abilities at the same time, so the only way to reach this card is to use the one Charabom that allows both abilities at once: Angol.
  3. Near the second three-way statue is a yellow switch. Setting a bomb on it will lower the light-sensitive switch to the right so that you can lure the statue to shoot it and open the path to the Lightning Card. The trick is setting the bomb without making the statue turn back to the switch and shoot, setting it off. This is best accomplished by throwing the bomb onto the switch.

Octo Tower[edit]

NOTE: Camera movement is limited in this stage until you reach the top of the tower.

This is a rather complex maze of moving floors and multiple levels. And there are Bandito Ghosts and Bomb Eaters scattered throughout. The first thing to watch out for are the trap tiles. As you approach, they'll rise up and extend spikes to damage you. Once they withdraw, however, you'll have a second to pass before they'll deploy again. Towards the back of the first floor is a Charabom Battle Portal for Beast Pommy. He's a nonessential Charabom, but with a low level, he's easy enough to beat. You should also notice the lack of stairs. To ascend the tower, you must find a big mouth on the floor. Kick a bomb into the mouth, then stand on the yellow tile behind the mouth. When the bomb goes off, you'll be lifted up to the next level. If you ever need to descend again, holes with a ramp on their edge act as chutes.

On this level, you should note a piece of floor and wall that appears capable of spinning on an axis. If you set off a bomb on it, it will spin, revealing a wall-free floor you can cross for a few seconds. Immediately step on the green switch. This is the first of five you need to find to fully unlock the tower. Backtrack and locate the mouth and tile to ascend to the third level.

On the third floor is another spinning floor, but this time the direct approach is not available; there's no floor over there. Instead, preferably using a Remote Control Charabom like Pommy, navigate a trap tile and toss a bomb over to the far side of the spinning floor. Then make your way around to the near side. Using the Remote Control lets you set off the bomb when you're ready, thus reducing the need to run and race the trap tiles. Cross over and step on the second green switch. If you attempt to continue onward by locating the mouth and tile with the spinning floor, you'll find your way blocked: a stone is covering the hole in the fourth level. Instead, backtrack to the point where you entered the third level. Use the mouth and tile there to ascend to the fourth level.

Be on the watch for Flame Dolls. They can spit flames a good distance that damage for two small hearts, and the flames come from three different directions and sweep in an arc. The dolls also take two regular bombs or one Big Bomb to beat. Clear the immediate danger and then hit the two green switches (minding the trap tiles surrounding the second one). That's four of the five. You should also see that big stone that's blocking the other way to the fourth level. Move it aside with a Big Bomb. Now you can ascend to the fourth level through this route. Backtrack to the third level and proceed to do just that. Emerging on the fourth level again, you should spot the final green switch. With all the switches down, the numerous rotated floor panels are now flat and traversable, granting you access to the rest of the tower. But instead of descending down the nearby hole, note the two spinning floors nearby. Set up Remote Control bombs on each of them, then time setting off the bombs and the nearby trap tile so you can dash across both floors to the left side of the tower. Descend down the levels and smash the jars to find lots of Charabom Feed and (more importantly) the third Heart Container. You'll eventually be deposited back on the first level. Return to the second level.

Back on the second level, cross the spinning floor and you can now cross the other floor panel. Beyond the mouth and tile is the Wind Bomb Merge Portal. If you cleared Bomber Marathon last stage, step in to make Wind Bombs. Now use the nearby mouth and tile to reach the third level, but be ready to kick another bomb. You will emerge directly in front of another mouth and tile. Kick the bomb into the mouth and then run off the tile before it drops. Now you can use the other tile to ascend to the fourth level. Quickly step off the tile onto one of the now-flattened floor panels. One more mouth and tile will take you all the way up to the top of the tower.

Deal with the Flame Dolls and you can focus on the puzzle of resetting the staircase so you can enter the door at the very top. Lowering the stairs is simply a matter of setting a bomb on the yellow switch. But to raise and open the door, you need to kick a bomb into the nearby hole you made available by lowering the stairs and set it off. This opens the door but resets the stairs. Simply use a Remote Control Charabom and set a new bomb on the yellow switch to climb the stairs. Avoid the trap tiles and enter the door.

Lightning Cards[edit]

  1. You need a Bomb Jump Charabom, and Pommy Dragon is preferred for this case. On the second level are two chutes in a line. Set up a Big Bomb and then toss or kick it down the one on the left (being careful of the trap tile), then fall down the chute yourself. You should bounce off the bomb and land atop the column where the Lightning Card is kept.
  2. You need Light Bombs. This card is located on the other column from Card #1. At the base of this column is a translucent Bomb Pedestal. Make it solid with a Light Bomb, then you can do the same thing you did to retrieve Card #1, only now by sending the Big Bomb and then yourself down the right chute. The bomb should land on the pedestal, keeping it high enough for your Bomb Jump to make the top of the column.
  3. Once you step on all five green switches and flatten the floors, return to the fourth level via the access near the center of the tower. Upon arriving, you should see a pair of now-flat floor panels that will give you access to the Lightning Card in a corner.

Cursed Temple[edit]

To claim the third Bomb Element, you must defeat the two forms of this boss.

Tako Mask

You first have to bust open the mask. The only way to do this is to wait for the top of the mask to lift itself up and then quickly throw a Big Bomb into the ring left behind so when the top crashes down, the bomb goes off and damages it. Otherwise, the crash of the impact will knock away any bombs in the arena. Meanwhile, two Flame Dolls will be your constant menace (defeating either of them will simply make the mask produce more) and it will also try to attack you with a nasty eye beam (watch for the top eyes to blink). The good news is you only need to score four hits on it.

The bad news is that once the mask is blown open, you'll awaken one angry mummy.

Tako Mummy

Although it may seem intimidating, this cursed mummy can be defeated with little damage to yourself as long as you keep calm, keep up your timing, and most importantly, keep moving. The mummy doesn't usually attack directly. Instead, its ghostly hands will weave a curse upon you, causing you to not only slow down to minimum speed but also drop Fire Bombs uncontrollably (this is influenced by your Bomb Up limit) which will explode on their own. This explains the need to keep moving; they'll prevent those cursed bombs from hurting you. Also, if you're carrying a bomb when the curse hits, you will drop one less bomb at a time. To damage the Tako Mummy, you must hit a Big Bomb on its now-exposed face. Doing this is easier said than done because one of its basic attacks is its one direct attack: a ghastly toxic mess spewed from its mouth. The best time to try to damage it is right after this toxic attack. Using one of your Remote Control Charaboms, throw the Big Bomb in its face, get back, and set it off. You must score ten hits to defeat the Tako Mummy, and as you damage it, it'll start using nastier curses. Once one heart is gone, it will start cursing you with its other hand. This makes the bombs drop much faster, usually causing them to all go off at once: meaning less room for error. And at two hearts down, it will use both hands to plant a special curse. At first, the bombs will drop like its original curse, but suddenly the bombs will rise into the air and try to come down on you, exploding on impact. Fortunately, constant movement will still usually cause the bombs to miss, and if the curse breaks while bombs are on the ground, those bombs won't rise up to pursue you.