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General informations[edit]

In the second part of the adventure, after waking up as adults in the Dauna mine, you can start this side-mission. If you access the fairy village through the appropriate flower beds, the fairy near the cottage will ask you to help them build their village and she will explain how to do it. The interface is quite simple. Above are the fairies who have not yet been assigned any tasks. At first you will only have three, then, when more fairies are born, they will be reported here. You can select each fairy and see what her attitudes are, represented by a colored bar: the longer the bar, the better the fairy is at doing that task.

  • Red bar: hunting and exploring
  • Green bar: clearing and building
  • Blue bar: trading
  • Blue bar: learning

You can then assign each fairy a task. Each time you do this, its bar will be highlighted. This way, you can easily assign each fairy a task that she is more apt for. Of course, you can also change the tasks of each fairy whenever you want. Below, the level of culture of the village and the food available are shown. The higher the culture level, the less time it will take the fairies to perform their tasks, so culture is the first thing to develop. Food is necessary for the sustenance of the fairies and must never be lacking, indeed, the more there is, the better. To get it, the fairies must go hunting (see below).


The three main tasks - hunting, clearing and building - are shown in the column on the right.


If there is an overabundance of food in the village, new fairies will be born. This is essential at the beginning. The ideal is to have the maximum number of fairies available, that is 20. On the contrary, if food is scarce, the fairies will begin to die and this must be absolutely avoided. To better develop the village, it is best to assign at least two thirds of the fairies to hunt at the beginning, choosing them from those with greater aptitude (or even all). As the population grows, you can progressively reduce this number, but it is important that there is always at least one third of the fairies involved in the hunt.


In order to build new buildings, you must first prepare the ground. By assigning this task to a fairy, she will clear the ground, to make possible the construction of new buildings. If a fairy has a good attitude to clear, she will take less time. If you assign more doings to this task, the time will be reduced further. However, you will only be able to clear one piece of land at a time, after you have done so you need to build to proceed with the completion of the village.


By assigning this task to a fairy, she will construct a new building or a new room. The time required will decrease if the fairy has a good attitude and if more fairies are assigned to this task. In order to build, however, you must first prepare a stretch of land with the Clear command. Furthermore, it is not possible to clear and build at the same time: you will have to alternate these two tasks. First clear the ground, then build and so on.

Each time the fairies make progress, these will be shown on the sign at the entrance to the village, which you can easily consult.


In order to assign a job to a fairy, you must have a free room. At first you will only have one, but the number of rooms available will increase as the fairies build new buildings. The available rooms are shown in the main box and you can have up to a maximum of 8. To assign a job to a fairy, you will have to place it in a room and then, by selecting the brown icon, choose which job to assign them from those available. Again, there are fairies more likely to do certain jobs than others, so make sure you choose well.


This work serves to increase the culture of the village and to discover new jobs. It is highly advisable to have one fairy in charge of raising the level of culture and another in charge of thinking about new jobs until the culture level has reached its maximum (7) and all the following jobs have not been learned. After that, you no longer need schoolars.


A fairy will open an item, handyman or weapon shop. The items for sale will change depending on whether you select "Speed" or "Ability". It is better to have a fairy in charge of each type of shop, as there are some very useful items that you can only buy here in the fairy village, such as the Angling Rod and Ouroboros.


A fairy will run a normal inn, like all the others, albeit cheaper.


A fairy will predict the future, giving you some random information. Absolutely useless.


A fairy will go on an exploration, in search of rare and precious objects. You will have to get out of the village and face some battles before the fairy returns. However, sometimes the fairy may not find anything, or even die while exploring. A useful but very risky job.


In this shop, the fairies will buy valuable items (those described as “appears valuable”) from you at very high prices. Quite useful.


In this shop a fairy will be able to reproduce all the soundtracks of the game: completely useless from a practical point of view.


Here you can play two mini-games, which will allow you to earn money and some useful items. However, the chances of cashing in large sums or winning particularly useful items are minimal, so it's not among the most useful jobs.


Another very useful but risky job. A fairy will try to duplicate an object that you give her. To wait for the outcome, you will have to leave the village and face some battles. In this way, you can duplicate very useful objects, with a great advantage. However, sometimes the fairy will not be able to make a copy of the object, or will even fail completely and the object will be lost, turned into a useless Rice Ball.