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This is a list of items, where they're found, short descriptions, and what they are used for. This is a good place to go if you're stuck and don't want to read the walkthrough – this list will tell you which item to use without reading paragraphs or spoilers. It's also in chronological order.


  • Found: Outside Cafe near Streetlight
  • Description: Regular newspaper with horse race words on back
  • Used: To get the construction worker to leave

Rosso's Card[edit]

  • Found: Rosso gives it to you after the questioning
  • Description: It's a police card with his name on it
  • Used: To dupe many people into thinking that you are a police officer - it is a conversation option

T-Shaped Tool[edit]

  • Found: In Flobbage's toolbox
  • Description: It's used for many things, but primarily used to remove manholes
  • Used: Open Manholes - Extra "step" in Ireland

Clown Nose[edit]

  • Found: First area of sewers on ground
  • Description: A regular red clown nose
  • Used: A clue when describing the clown

Soggy Tissue (Greasepaint)[edit]

  • Found: Second area of Sewers on ground
  • Description: It's really greasepaint
  • Used: A clue when describing the clown - to light pole in Spain

Clown Costume Piece[edit]

  • Found: Second area of sewers near ladder
  • Description: A piece of the clown's costume
  • Used: A clue when describing the clown

Electronic Device[edit]

  • Found: Costume Shop
  • Description: Put it on your hand and shock someone!
  • Used: To shock Khan and make your escape

Hotel Ubu Key[edit]

  • Found: Hotel Ubu
  • Description: A key for one of their rooms
  • Used: To enter the room and sidle to the adjacent room

Electrician's Passcard[edit]

  • Found: Khan's Room
  • Description: An electrician's license
  • Used: To open the safe in Hotel Ubu - to front as an electrician in Ireland


  • Found: Hotel Ubu; Khan's Safe
  • Description: A big map for the Templar Knights
  • Used: Throughout the game - it's usually with Nico

Necklace Wire[edit]

  • Found: On Ron's table at the Ireland Bar
  • Description: It's a rabbit snare but George thinks it is a necklace for a woman.
  • Used: To fix the bar's glass washer


  • Found: Counter from Ireland Bar
  • Description: A normal towel
  • Used: Soak it with water and use it in combination with the Plaster of Paris


  • Found: Cellar of Bar
  • Description: Generic flashlight that you lose after a couple places
  • Used: To see in the bar


  • Found: Cellar of Bar
  • Description: A pretty gem that Professor Peagram found on his expedition, this is one of the most important and crucial items in the entire game.
  • Used: Several times, but most notably used in combination with the tripod on the circular area.

Black Plow[edit]

  • Found: Castle In Ireland
  • Description: A big plow that George can't take
  • Used: George will move this and get the goat caught in a rope tangled in the plow

Plaster of Paris[edit]

  • Found: Excavation Site in Ireland
  • Description: It's used to make items out of mold.
  • Used: In Ireland when you need to make a mold for the door - in the second excavation site (late in the game) to make a key

Soaked Towel[edit]

  • Found: Cellar of Bar
  • Description: This towel has been soaked and can be a good source for water.
  • Used: To finish the mold in the castle

White Doctor's Robe[edit]

  • Found: Closet in Hospital
  • Description: A generic doctor's outfit; it looks convincing
  • Used: To fool Nurse Grendel and Felix into thinking that you are a doctor

Blood Pressure Device[edit]

  • Found: Obtained from Nurse Grendel
  • Description: Used to take someone's blood pressure
  • Used: Feed Eric's need to take his blood pressure - turn off the Lopez's hose in Spain


  • Found: Obtained from Nico after meeting Andre
  • Description: One of the most crucial items in the game. The gem fits perfectly on top of it.
  • Used: With the gem on the circular area

Red Ball[edit]

  • Found: Clown runs and leaves one ball
  • Description: Just a normal red ball that is used for juggling
  • Used: Trade with Nejo in Marib for help

Toilet Brush[edit]

  • Found: Given by Nejo after plan
  • Description: It's a toilet brush that was formerly used as a basting brush.
  • Used: To get inside the bathroom

Bathroom Keys (Marib)[edit]

  • Found: Obtained from Ultar after giving brush
  • Description: Keys to the bathroom
  • Used: To get inside the bathroom, which has two key items

Towel (Marib)[edit]

  • Found: Inside Alamut Club bathroom
  • Description: A normal towel that is in a locked case
  • Used: To fix Ultar's truck


  • Found: Inside Bathroom stall in Marib
  • Description: Chain used to flush the toilet
  • Used: A necklace for Nico, or otherwise a really funny joke

Broken Statue[edit]

  • Found: Nejo's Stand
  • Description: It's been broken by the cat
  • Used: Not much use for it until you put greasepaint on it to make an ancient broken statue

Ancient Broken Statue[edit]

  • Found: After combining the Broken Statue and Greasepaint
  • Description: It looks more ancient now that you put greasepaint on it
  • Used: Barter with Duane to get fifty dollars

Fifty Dollars[edit]

  • Found: After trading with Duane
  • Description: It's fifty dollars in Syria
  • Used: To pay for the taxi fair with Ultar

Half Towel[edit]

  • Found: After giving Ultar the towel
  • Description: It's the other half of the towel
  • Used: To make a stick-towel


  • Found: Tree at Bull's Head Hill
  • Description: Just a regular branch from a tree
  • Used: To make a stick-towel


  • Found: After combining the stick and half towel
  • Description: An interesting device that is made by George
  • Used: To get down the ledge in Bull's Head Hill


  • Found: On Klausner's cold, dead body in Bull's Head Hill
  • Description: A crucial item to the game that makes some things appear differently
  • Used: Used throughout the game but especially in the church - you have to put it in a scroll

Chess Set[edit]

  • Found: The Countess in Spain
  • Description: A very old chess set that is missing three chess pieces
  • Used: To further progress in the game


  • Found: Mausoleum
  • Description: Regular newspaper with horse race words on back
  • Used: To get the construction worker to leave.

Paint Pot[edit]

  • Found: Outside the Excavation Site near the Painter
  • Description: A pot full of paint - the Painter guards it with his life
  • Used: To make the key look more "real"

Keys (EXC Site)[edit]

  • Found: Given by Guard
  • Description: Keys to restroom and excavation site
  • Used: If we could make a copy of these keys we'd be all set...


  • Found: Restroom faucet
  • Description: Blue soap.
  • Used: To make the key mold

Fake Key[edit]

  • Found: Made by George
  • Description: Fake keys made with mold, soap, water, and hot air. George later has to dip it in paint to make it look more like a key
  • Used: To swap the keys so you can get inside the excavation site without the guard's keys


  • Found: Lopez's utility room in Spain
  • Description: A small mirror that could be of some use later in the game
  • Used: To shed light on the darkness in the well

Weird Key[edit]

  • Found: Mausoleum
  • Description: Odd looking key that drops from candle
  • Used: To open a passageway in the well


  • Found: Under statue in Mausoleum
  • Description: Just a normal Spanish Bible
  • Used: To decipher words from tomb in Church


  • Found: Mausoleum
  • Description: Really long and slender black pole
  • Used: To light the center candle in Mausoleum - to close the window in the Mausoleum

Y-Shaped Stick[edit]

  • Found: Tree near water hose
  • Description: A Y-Shaped stick used by the Spanish for many centuries to find water
  • Used: To "find" the hidden well

Tin Can[edit]

  • Found: Lopez automatically stumbles upon it
  • Description: A really old tin can that dates back to the thirteenth century
  • Used: Lopez throws it and finds the hidden well

Loose Fang[edit]

  • Found: Hidden Well
  • Description: A fang on the statue of the lion door
  • Used: To get George killed - to open the lion door


  • Found: Nico automatically gets it from Khan
  • Description: It packs quite a punch but the detonator is missing
  • Used: At the very end of the game


  • Found: In Rubble in Britain
  • Description: A normal pipe.
  • Used: Can be put in demon statue's mouth


  • Found: In Rubble in Britain
  • Description: A weird-looking silver coin
  • Used: None


  • Found: In Rubble in Britain
  • Description: It's a small device used to make things rotate
  • Used: Put in eyes of demon statue


  • Found: In same place as lever
  • Description: It's a small device used to make things rotate
  • Used: Put in eyes of demon statue


  • Found: A little north of the demon statue
  • Description: George breaks it off of its device
  • Used: Put in the statue's mouth and turn it to open the secret door


  • Found: In same place as lever
  • Description: A normal spindle.
  • Used: None


  • Found: On Wall in Britain Hidden Passageway
  • Description: A small medieval-like torch
  • Used: To light the gunpowder on fire