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Café Street[edit]

Walk over to the streetlight and pick up the newspaper. Head to the northern area to trigger a meeting with detective Rosso. He will question you back at the Café. When you leave, a woman will be walking around outside. This is Nicole Collard. Talk to her about the clown and the man and she'll give you her phone number. Go back to the north screen and hand him the newspaper, so he will leave his toolbox unattended. When he's gone, grab the manhole cover tool from the toolbox.

Head back to the Café screen, and go through the alleyway in the back. Use the tool to open the sewer manhole so you can get down there. In the first screen you will find the red clown nose, and in the second you will find a handkerchief and a scrap of the killer's jacket. Pick all of it up and climb the ladder in the second screen. A man will accost you, so show him Rosso's business card. Ask him about the scrap of cloth you found to get the tailor's name and number.

When you leave, you'll find yourself back outside the construction worker's dig site. Use the telephone by the hole to phone Nicole. Since you've found some clues, she will invite you over to her apartment. Walk off the right side of the screen to go to your map. Select 361 Rue Jarry to go to Nicole's.

361 Rue Jarry[edit]

Talk to the woman selling flowers across the street from the tenement building. Ask her about Nicole and she'll give you the trick to opening the apartment door. Up in the apartment, ask Nicole about he killer's torn piece of jacket and she will give you a picture she snapped of the killer and when you show her the clown nose she will spot an address on the inside. With your new information, leave the apartment and head to Gare St Lazare to talk to the costume shop owner.

Gare St. Lazare[edit]

At the costume shop, talk to the man on the other side of the counter. Show him the tissue from the sewer, and the photo that you acquired from Nicole and he will tell you that the man's name is Khan. Upon leaving you will get an electric handshake buzzer. You now have enough information to get the address from the tailor, Todryk. Use any of the phones available from the locations open to you to call him. He will tell you at which hotel Khan is staying.

Hotel Ubu[edit]

Inside, talk to the pianist, Piermont. Show her the picture of Khan and she'll tell you he goes by the name Moerlin. Head over to the reception desk and attempt to steal the keys hanging on the board behind the counter. When the clerk stops you, go back over to Piermont and talk to her about the key to enlist her help in distracting the receptionist. When he is gone, grab the keys and head upstairs.

Open the first door on the right and head out through the window. Take the ledge over to the window of the adjacent room, and attempt to leave through that room's door. This will trigger Moerlin's return. After hiding in the closet to escape his notice, search his pants for the ID card and matchbook. Go back downstairs and talk to the receptionist again, this time showing him the ID card and asking about the safe.

Use Piermont again to help you get at the safe. Talk to her about the safe and the ID card to enlist her assistance. Once you've retrieved the manuscript, head back up to the room for which you have the key and drop it from the ledge outside your window. Now when you walk out the front door of the hotel, the two goons frisking you won't find anything. Head around behind the hotel and pick up your manuscript before heading back to Nicole's place.

Museum Crune[edit]

Select the museum from the map and when you get there, look at the tripod in the center of the room. Go back to Nicole's apartment, and tell her you're going to Ireland. Head to Ireland on the map by way of the airport.