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Talk to that crackhead gardener Lopez again. He'll be in the same spot watering the same area over and over. He'll give you a much needed apology and say that you have restored the life in the Countess - she laughs and smiles now!

Talk about Don Carlos to find out a little more of the story. Once done, walk inside the mansion. Naturally, the Countess is upstairs, so take the stairs to the second floor. Walk around the chairs and talk to her.

George will proudly put the Chalice on the mantle and the Countess will be even more delighted to find out that he cleaned it. She'll start to talk about the knights but George will just say "Whatever."

Choose the Chalice conversation option and the Countess will be very pleased to find out you found Don Carlos' tomb. Continue by talking about the biblical references, which George memorized solidly. After some serious discussion about the missing children, you're off to find the unknown.

Downstairs, walk west of the stairs to a little utility room. Pilfer the Mirror (this is Lopez's retribution) and walk outside. Go to the northeast corner of the grass and enter the Mausoleum outer area. Walk up to the door and enter. Inside, pilfer the bible under Virgin Mary and exit the Mausoleum.

With the bible in hand, head back to the Countess. Choose the bible in the chat option with her and we'll get to the clues.

"Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance."

"The well is deep."

"Will bring to light the hidden things."

"Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns."

Even though the Countess has lived here her all life she doesn't know if there is a well on campus. Back to Mausoleum we go! In here, go over to the right of the statue and you see a small pole. Use the greasepaint on the pole and George will light the pole and the candle in the middle of the room.

It will blow out, though, sadly. Go a little west and you should get an option up on the open window. George will close the window with the pole when you select it. With the window closed, use the now red greasepaint on the pole again and George will light the candle in the center of the room (again). This time, however, the candle will burn completely out.

An item that looks like a key will be obtained from this exchange. With it, walk back to the Countess and talk about it. She'll be mad because it is irreplaceable, but later forgive you because this mystery shakes her very soul. Exit to the outside of the mansion and have a little chat with Lopez.

Talk about the candle key and he'll be a little mad. He won't be mad about you swiping his mirror, though, which is the second option. In the third option, George will ask about the hidden well. Lopez knows about it, but he doesn't know where it is.

Keep on talking about the well and Lopez will get the stick idea. He'll point to a hazel tree but there isn't ONE Y-shaped stick in the bunch! Go back over to Lopez and follow his hose until it reaches the wall. To the right of the wall is a suitable hazel stick.

Run back over to Lopez and ask him how to use the divine rod. After some instructions, George will automatically use this technique to search the area. It takes a while, but he finally finds a Tin Can. George will be a little annoyed and Lopez will throw the can only to find the well!

Hidden Well[edit]

Well, down here, one of our clues comes in handy. See the lion door to the east? Inspect it to see a loose fang. Try to use it and jump to the left when you can. If you don't, the door will squash George. You should save around here.

Walk back over to the rope and use the mirror on the bright wall next to it. George will flash the mirror around and find a small gap in the wall. Back over at the lion door's darkness, put the weird key (that we got at the mausoleum) inside the gap and it will open up a door that you should enter.

Being the nice guy he is, George will give the old chess piece to the Countess, tell her the atrocious news, and leave.