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Shotguns refer to any gun made for close quarters battle (CQB). They possess average rates of fire, have low ammo and poor accuracy, but are very deadly at close range. They are used most often by demolitionists. There are two shotguns in Call of Duty: World at War: the M1897 Trench Gun, an American pump-action shotgun, and the Double-Barreled Shotgun, a two-shot, slightly more powerful shotgun.


Each are great for close-range engagements, and can be given a Grip attachment, though only the Trench Gun can have a Bayonet. In conjunction with a perk like Deep Impact, it can be as lethal as closed-range fighting as it is with cover-free areas. With Stopping Power, it becomes ridiculously overpowered, and adds some amount of 'kill distance'. Since it is so dangerous to anyone, even Juggernauts, it is advised to use long-range tactics to counter the shooter.

Hardcore Mode[edit]

Though many multiplayer servers labeled as 'hardcore' have weapon damage set at different levels, the shotgun loses a great deal of its comparative advantage in hardcore games. As it provides the same mobility as a submachine gun, and both can kill in a single shot, the choice of a shotgun becomes one of dubious advantage. Further, with less health availabe to close the distance to effective range with the shotgun, stealth and subtlety become more necessary with its use. The strategy of through-cover fire remains effective, but its use as a conventional close-quarters weapon requires an attuned awareness of the recon map to achieve surprise.