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This walkthrough will get you through the brutal depiction of World War 2. Not just in Germany, but also in Japan and Russia.


After choosing a difficulty level, you'll be dealing with different types of challenges. Not just shooting enemies up close but also at a distance, driving a tank, using a flamethrower and fighting angry Japanese soldiers in melee combat.


You wouldn't be able to go through the level if you don't know what the weapons you'll be using would do in this game. Things like shotguns, pistols, machine guns and grenades all have their own specialty in how you use them.

  • Pistols are best use if you are dealing with a few enemies at close range. You'll also be able to determine how many shots it takes to gun down the enemy.
  • Machine guns are best use if you are facing more than a few enemies. It's better if you shoot in short bursts to get more accurate shots instead of just emptying a clip all at once.
  • Shotguns are designed usually as a single power shot when attacking an enemy up close. If you are dealing with more powerful enemies, you need this weapon to make short work of them.
  • Grenades should be used if there are far too many enemies or if the enemies refuse to get out of their hiding places. Be careful, because if the enemy throws the grenade at you and you react too slowly in throwing it back, you'll blow in its place.
  • Rockets are used purely for tanks. It takes three shots to stall the tanks' durability. It can also used against enemies as long as they are in range.
  • Flamethrowers are very effective against the enemy as they normally burn heat when hit by the flames. As long as you have a good reaction and gain enough distance between you and the enemy, you'll be able to cut down the numbers as long as you don't drain the fire power shown on the fire meter (it will quickly recharge).
  • Sniper rifles are very effective at long range. You seriously need a steady aim to get accurate shots. It won't work at close range, so make sure if you're not sniping that you change weapons to fit that circumstances.
  • Unarmed combat works best if you are far too close to the target and you don't have time to shoot. You'll also have encounters with the Japanese. Japanese soldiers will sometimes charge at you in a rage so you have to counterattack before you die instantly.

Gameplay tips[edit]

  • Don't use explosives against your allies. Even though you can try to shoot your allies with a gun from a distance, you will have to start over if you start blowing up your important allies (Reznov, Roebuck, etc.). The only way you can tell is through your crosshair. If it has a soldier's name and maybe is coloured green, that's your ally. But if it's red, shoot him because that indicates your enemy.
  • Your objectives are marked with stars. It may require you to go to that location to complete a task. Even if you have multiple choices, choose which direction you want to go and that will be your task.
  • Keep yourself from being out in the open. Find cover if you are overwhelmed by enemy fire. Also, strafe around to make it harder for enemies to shoot at you and at the same time, shoot them as much as you can.
  • Don't stay in cover for too long. Your enemies will throw grenades at you, forcing you to get out in the open. If you are very sharp, look around your area and pre-plan your moves and know which places will give you cover.
  • Follow your allies' instructions. If you want to finish a level, you shouldn't mess around like going out in a rage or using the wrong weapons for the wrong job. As in real life, if you are a soldier, you should be following the sergeant's instructions in the call of duty.