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There are many new features to the PSP version of the game that were not present in the orginal PS2 game.

Axel Mode[edit]

This seperate Storyline serves as a prequel to the main storyline, showing Axel's fall into poverty, and how his ambitions hamper his ability to provide for his family. All features of the main game are accessible here including the Item World, Dark World, and all shops. The story is four episodes long. To start the game from scratch instead of New Game +, the player must enter the following code at the Title Screen while highlighting the "Start" option. (Triangle button twice, Square button twice, Circle button twice, X button once. In that order!) A sucessful code will be followed by the "Showtime!" sound, as well as an altered intro.

Note that if Axel Mode is started as a new game, Axel will start at level 3, with basic equipment equipped. If started as a New Game +, He will start at level 100, with no items equipped.


The PlayStation Network launched a host of characters from other games that were made avaliable to download from the PlayStation store for use in the Japanese version of the game back when the game was first released in Japan. However, many of them suffered from glitches that included wonky movement, horrible sprites, hampered range with attacks, characters appearing in cuscenes they shouldn't, and either silent or "buzzed-out" battle lines. These characters were taken down as of May 5, but were re-released on November 25, 2009 with most bugs fixed, but silent voices. Players playing the English version may have received an error message while saving their game data saying that saving their data will prevent them from using the DLC. The error was caused by players saving their games on Memory Sticks lacking the content, and was a false alarm. Those receiving the error messages should ignore them. NIS Software received complaints, and rended two of the game's DLC characters, Pleinair and Sapphire, to be absolutely free as an apology. The rest were sold at $2.00 (Or $1.60) per character. O 5/5/2010, the DLC was released in Europe with no info pertaining to the DLC or it's release given to the European public. Players still receiving the messages should ignore them. In the first DLC pack Gig and Mable were missing, apparently taken down.

DLC in the first pack contains:

  • Marona
  • Ash
  • Pram
  • Dark Eclair
  • Plenair
  • Sapphire Rhondite
  • Almaz


The protagonists from Disgaea 3, as well as other prominent characters in the universe are avaliable for recruitment VIA new Extra Stages and Dark Assembly bills. The recruitables are:

  • Mao
  • Raspberyl
  • Mr. Champloo
  • Plenair
  • Captain Gordon
  • Mid-Boss
  • Priere
  • Marjoly
  • Prism Red
  • Zetta