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Items and ammo are one and the same: Any item you pick up along your adventure can be used as ammunition, as can alchemy-produced items.

Item Damage Location(s) Alchemy Notes
Pompom 1 Forewood Forest
Flucifer's Necropolis
Chest 5 All areas N/A N/A
Catnip 1 Forewood Forest
Tootenschleiman's Tomb
N/A Distracts Jailcats.
Rockbomb 14 Forewood Forest
Tootenschleiman's Tomb
Flucifer's Necropolis
Spooklear Bomb 13 N/A Yes Cannot be destroyed by anything except holy water.
Bombshell 8 Tootenschleiman's Tomb N/A N/A
Obelisk 10 Tootenschleiman's Tomb N/A Breaks upon hitting the ground.
Wooden Arrow 3 Forewood Forest N/A
Iron Arrow 12 N/A Yes
Golden Arrow 48 N/A Yes
Boulder 3 N/A (default ammo) N/A N/A
Oaken Club 15 Forewood Forest
Callmigh Bluff
Iron Ball 26 N/A Yes
Irritaball 55 N/A Yes
Destructiball 110 N/A N/A N/A
Girder 10 Callmigh Bluff
Mount Krakatroda
Holy Water 18 Flucifer's Necropolis Yes Can destroy spooklear bombs.
Boomerang 3 Mount Krakatroda N/A
Edged Boomerang 10 N/A Yes
BS-1 Crooze 24 N/A Yes N/A
BS-2 Blue Streak 50 class="table-na" style="background-color: #ececec;" | N/A Yes N/A
BS-3 Slimahawk 100 N/A N/A N/A
Fire Water N/A N/A Yes Sets ground on fire when thrown or fired from cannon.
Thousandweight 22 Mount Krakatroda
Callmigh Bluff
N/A Shakes the ground upon landing, throwing characters and items into the air.
Chimaera Wing 8 Mount Krakatroda
The Flying Clawtress
N/A When thrown at an enemy, slime, or item, will send them and itself back to town.
Shuriken 20 N/A Yes
Slime Knight 10 Mount Krakatroda
Callmigh Bluff
The Flying Clawtress
N/A Press Y button while carrying to attack with its sword.
Steel Broadsword 28 N/A Yes
Miracle Sword 35 N/A Yes Heals your tank for 35 HP upon dealing damage.
Bastard Sword 60 N/A Yes
Metal King Sword 80 N/A Yes
Iron Shield 1 N/A Yes Blocks three incoming shots.
Mirror Shield 1 N/A Yes Reflects an incoming shot.
Metal King Shield 1 N/A Yes Blocks 5 incoming shots.
Medicinal Herb N/A N/A Yes Heals your tank for 20 HP.
Strong Medicine N/A N/A Yes Heals your tank for 30 HP.
Special Medicine N/A N/A Yes Heals your tank for 50 HP.
Goddess Statue 7 Callmigh Bluff Yes
Vulcan Gun 10 N/A N/A
Vulcan Pellets 5 N/A N/A When loaded into a vulcan gun, fires 20 shots.
Vulcan Bullets 5 N/A Yes When loaded into a vulcan gun, fires 20 shots.
Vulcan Shells 5 N/A Yes When loaded into a vulcan gun, fires 20 shots.
Lightning Staff 40 N/A Yes
Hell Scythe 40 N/A N/A
Chili Pepper N/A N/A Yes Sets your tank's mouth on fire, destroying any ammo that touches the flames.
Holy Crystal 3 Flucifer's Necropolis Yes
Devil's Tail 1 Flucifer's Necropolis N/A
Gold Bar 10 N/A Yes
Toy Slime 1 N/A N/A
Clap Trap N/A N/A Yes Turns invisible when thrown or fired from tank, damaging anyone who touches it.
Cloaking Device 1 N/A Yes Turns anyone carrying it invisible.
Kaboomamite 20 N/A Yes
Power Tablet 8 N/A Yes
Overdrive Tablet 8 N/A Yes
Weapon Tablet 8 N/A Yes
Orichalcum 30 N/A Yes
Orichalslime 40 N/A Yes
Meteorite 70 N/A Yes
Kafrizzle 90 N/A Yes
Hero Sword 120 N/A N/A