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There are various tactics you can use in tank battles. Among others, these are:

Basic combat[edit]

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Just get ammo and toss it into the cannons, making sure you shoot with the cannon that is taking more fire.

Offensive combat[edit]

If you want to get the battle over with quicker, make sure you shoot with the cannon that is taking less fire. That way, your ammo will be less likely to be blocked. The downside of this technique is that you'll take a lot of damage.


You can sabotage the other tank by entering it and damaging its computers and preventing the baddies from launching ammo. However, you cannot directly damage a tank when you're inside it.

In order to get past the front door of a tank, you must Elasto Blast it until it breaks. Once inside, there are several things you can do:

  • Destroy the computer by the enterance: The front door will close again unless you destroy this computer. You should do this whenever you enter an enemy tank, so you can get back in later.
  • Prevent baddies from launching ammo by waiting in the cannon room and Elasto Blasting them out repeatedly. This will leave their tank defenseless, allowing your teammates to easily defeat the tank.
  • Destroy the computers. If you destroy a set, the attached chute will also be damaged, and any ammo that comes out will be on fire temporarily. That will damage anyone who touches the ammo.
  • Get rid of its ammo. Enter a tank and take all of its ammo and throw it outside. Eventually, it'll run out, allowing you to attack without being attacked.

Alternative enterance techniques[edit]

There are several other ways to get into a tank:

  • Use a Jailcat: Jailcats can jump over the door, and then destroy the computer, letting you in.
  • Fire yourself as ammo: If you can get all the way to the other tank without being hit, you can enter it. Once you hit the other tank, your character icon on the top screen will slowly climb up to a hole in the tank - the exact distance (and therefore time it takes) depends on the tank.
  • Use an enemy: Since the enemy tank's doors will open for enemies, you can use enemies to open the doors, by either waiting for an enemy to come your way or picking up an enemy who tried to get into your tank and walking through the door. (the door won't distinguish between an enemy entering the tank of his/her own free will or being forced into it) It is important to note, however, that these techniques are unreliable, as enemies rarely leave their tanks or walk by the door.

Backup plan[edit]

Even if your tank reaches 0 HP, you don't lose until your engine is destroyed. Reaching 0 HP only opens the door to it. In the event that you reach 0 HP, have your crew fire at the enemy tank while you keep the invaders at bay. If there's a long enough pause in between attacks, you can help your crew members shoot. This is usually only possible in battles against one opponent, however, as the enemy can take turns trying to get in, so while one is reviving, another is attacking.

You can go anywhere to stop the invaders, however it's best to stay inside your tank, as it allows you to start firing faster than if you stand guard outside of your tank. To be specific, you should stay in the engine room, as some enemies will ignore your presence and go directly the engine room. When you see an enemy walk outside of his/her tank, go to the engine room and charge up an Elasto Blast. When the enemy walks in, attack. Then repeatedly Elasto Blast him/her until s/he's dead.