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Battle Menu[edit]

The top of the screen displays the names of the monsters in your current party and their amount of HP and MP. Keep an eye on your monsters HP and MP. At the bottom of the screen there are the options you can select during battle. When you choose FIGHT, the monsters fight automatically according to the instructions set in CH PLAN in OPTN from the Game Menu.


This option is for fighting enemies. Battle begins when you select FIGHT. To change how your monsters fight, change their battle plans by choosing PLAN in the Battle Menu.


You can give out basic plans or specific instructions to fight in battles to your monsters. Change your plans or instructions according to the situation you are in.

  • CHARGE - Your monsters attack aggressively at all times.
  • MIXED - Your monsters use magic spells and special skills to help or support themselves in battles.
  • CAUTIOUS - Your monsters use magic spells or special skills to protect or heal themselves.
  • COMMAND - You can instruct each indicidual monster to do what you want. Train your monsters well, if you don't they will not listen to your commands.
  • NO SP SK - When you are fighting in the Arena, COMMAND is replaced by NO SP SK. Your monster will not use any magic spells or special skills when this command is selected. You will not be able to instruct each monster to do what you want during the battles in the Arena.


When it's your turn to attack, you can also use items that you carry into battles. For example, use herbs to heal monsters or feed meat treats to ememy monsters to try to make them allies. If you have more than five items in the item list, use the Neutral dpad to flip to the next page.


This option is used to run away from enemy monsters during battles. However, ememy monsters will not let you escape every time.


When all of your monsters are knocked out, you automatically warp back to the King's Chamber. When this happens, up to half of your gold and items are lost.