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You can register for different battle classes or ranks at the Arena. When you win three battles in a row in each class, the King will open up new gates in the Chamber Of Travellers' Gates. Raise your monsters to fight and win through these classes. Also, when you are at a loss in your quest, speak to the veterans at the Arena. You might get some useful information from them.

Item Shops[edit]

Monster taming isn't easy, so you'll need lots of items to help you on your journey. Go to the Item Shop and talk to the shopkeeper. He will ask you to "BUY, SELL, or EXIT?".

If you want to buy something, select BUY. Prices for all items are on the right and the amount of Gold you have is on the top right of the screen. Move the cursor to the item you want, make sure you have enough Gold, and then press A button to buy it. You can buy more than one of the same item by moving the cursor up and won when the shopkeeper asks "How many?".

If you want to sell something, select SELL. The shopkeeper will give you a price on all the items you're currently carrying. Move the cursor to the item you want to sell and press A button to sell it. If you have more than one of a particular item, you can sell as many as you have by moving the cursor up and down on the numbers to select the amount. When you're finished shopping, select EXIT to leave.

The Vault[edit]

The Vault is where you can store your Gold and valuable items. It is a very important place to visit. If all your monsters get knocked out in a battle you will lose half your Gold and most of your items. But if you store Gold or items in the Vault, you will not lose them when your monsters are knocked out. The Vault is helpful for storing extra items you don't want to carry. Remember to plan what to carry before leaving the Vault. When you can't carry any more items, it's probably a good time to visit the Vault or sell items at the Item Shop.

When you speak to the Vault kepper, he will give you three choices: PUT, TAKE or EXIT. Select PUT to deposit Gold or items in the Vault. If you have lots of Gold or many items, move the cursor up or down on the numbers to select the amount to deposit. Select TAKE to withdraw Gold or an item. You can withdraw some or all of the Gold you deposited or as many items as you can carry. To take more than one item or more than 100 Gold, move the cursor up or down on the numbers to select to the amount you want.

Note: You can only put or take Gold in amounts of 100.


Here you can find out more about the monsters you've collected.

Shrine Of Starry Night[edit]

After you've reached a certain point in your quest and collected enough monsters, you can marry your monsters at the Shrine Of Starry Night to breed more monsters.