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Name MP Needed Effect
Sleep 3 Put one enemy into a deep sleep
StopSpell 3 Confine the magic spells of all enemies
Surround 3 Engulf all enemies in a mist of illusion
PanicAll 5 Confuse all enemies
RobMagic 0 Steal the MP of one enemy
Sap 3 Lower defence stength of one enemy
Upper 2 Raise the defence strength of one ally
TwinHits 6 Raise the attack strength of one ally
SleepAir 3 Put all enemies to sleep
PoisonGas 3 Poison all enemies
PaniDance 4 Confuse all enemies
Curse 3 Cast a curse on all enemies
WarCry 3 Stun all enemies with a very loud yell

Note: When a monster grows up and increases in levels, it's skills and/or special skills change into more powerful forms.