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Setting Up Multiplayer[edit]

With the Game Link Cable you can battle against friends monsters or breed with their monsters. Connect two Game Boy systems with the link cable and choose either VS MODE or Breeding from the Main Menu on both Game Boy systems. Press A button to get started.

Win Your Friends Monsters[edit]

  • To play, select 1 to 2 monsters from your collection.
  • If you choose to play for prizes, then you and your friend each choose a monster to give up if you lose the battle. If you don't want to play for prizes select NO.
  • Check out the prize monster your opponent has wagered.
  • If you win, you get your friends monster.

Breed With Your Friends Monsters[edit]

If your friends monsters have abilities that you want, you can get them by breeding your monsters with theres.

  • You and your friend choose the monsters to breed. The first monster chosen is the lineage monster, so a monster in that family will be hatched. In breeding, two eggs are laid, one each for you and your friend. Both eggs are the same, like twins.
  • Successful breeding depends on the personalities of both monsters. If the resulting monsters aren't what you want, try again with different monsters.
  • In the Arena, other Monster Masters may ask if you'd like to breed with their monsters. Talk to the Monster Masters to check out their monsters before breeding. Try to breed monsters you've never seen before.