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Name Effect
Antidote Cures poison.
Seeds Seeds include ATKseed, INTseed, DEFseed and LifeAcorn. When you use one of them, your monsters' corresponding abilities increase a little.
Herb Heals wounds and recovers HP. A necessity at the start of your quest.
Meat Treats Toss PorkChop and BeefJerky to enemies during battles to gradually tame them. Then theres a good chance they'll become allies.
Bookmark Use this to record your journey in the Journal, even in the Mystic World.
Staffs Use these during battles for various effects on enemies. They include MistStaff, BoltStaff and WindStaff.
Books Read HorrorBK, ComedyBK and others to your monsters and you may change their personalities.
WarpWing Use this in the Mystic World to warp back to the Kingdom Of GreatTree.
Beast Tail On the Map, this displays the arrow pointing to the holes leading deeper into the Mystic World. It may have a special effect when used in battles.

Note: You can carry up to 20 items on your journey.