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Eggerland Snakey.png

Snakey is a snake like creature with two antennae that simply smiles at Lolo and looks at him as he moves around the room. They are completely stationary and pose no real threat to Lolo except that they may get in his way from time to time. However, Snakeys can be turned into eggs via Magic Shots and used to block other monsters or to be pushed into the water/lava and ridden across.


Eggerland Skull.png

The Skull enemies remain dormant until all of the Heart Frames within a room are collected, at which time they become active and prowl throughout the area. If Lolo is touched by a moving Skull, this will prove fatal. As such, in many rooms it is necessary to find a way to confine the Skulls before all of the heart frames are collected.


Eggerland Alma.png

Almas are red armadillo monsters. They can move freely about the levels and try to chase Lolo. If they catch him their touch is fatal. If an Alma is aligned with Lolo horizontally, it will roll into a ball and keep moving in that direction, so if Lolo steps to the side, the ball will keep rolling until it hits something, at which time it will resume chasing them. This gives Lolo an opportunity to side-step out of the way and trap the monster with something or to get a good lead and run away from it.


Eggerland Rocky.png

Rocky resembles a grey stoney monster with ringed eyes and a big smile on its face. It can move freely in rooms unless blocked by something, and walks at half of Lolo's speed. They don't chase Lolo but instead walk around in some sort of pattern. However, if they are aligned with Lolo vertically they will charge him at full speed in an attempt to either trap them or push him into danger. When a Rocky is in close proximity to Lolo it will stop moving in an attempt to block his path.


Eggerland Leeper.png

Leepers resemble frogs, with pointy ears and a big smile on their faces. They can move freely throughout the room unless something is blocking their path. Once Lolo touches one, it will fall asleep and remain in that position permanently (which is possibly good or bad, either blocking another enemy or perhaps traping Lolo). Once a Leeper is asleep, they can no longer be put into an egg.


Eggerland Gol.png

Gols resemble pink dinosaurs and remain stationary facing one direction. When Lolo collects all of the Heart Fames in a room, they wake up and shoot a fireball if he walks into their line of sight. They shoot a single fireball and cannot shoot another one until the first hits something and disappears.


Eggerland Medusa.png

Medusa resembles a head with snakes for hair and is one of the most formidable monsters in the series. It can shoot Lolo with its petrifying stare in all four directions (even through trees!), but is incapable of doing so through rocks, Heart Framers, Emerald Framers, eggs, stationary monsters, and even mobile monsters. Lolo can only be killed if directly in front of the Medusa, so being a half-step in front of it is not fatal. Medusas cannot be put into an egg form or shot away. When Lolo begins to walk in front of the Medusa, it becomes awake and its eyes light up and its snakes begin to stand up, even when the Medusa is blocked.

Don Medusa[edit]

Eggerland Don Medusa.png

Don Medusa resembles a large, devil head and is generally considered to be the most dangerous monster in the game. Unlike other mobile monsters in the game, Don Medusas only move back and forth either vertically or horizontally. Like the Medusas, Don Medusas attack with a line of sight, and once Lolo is within their line of sight, they will throw a sword which is instantly fatal. Thus, they need to be blocked in order to be avoided and they cannot be put into egg-form with Magic Shots. Should you ever manage to get close enough to a Don Medusa to touch one, they can kill you that way as well.